Estee Lauder Smashed NOTD

During the winter, I love dark colours and since getting my nails done with Estee Lauder Smashed, I haven't been able to stop admiring them:

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Estee Lauder smashed nail lacquer

Released as part of the 2012 Metal Mania collection, Estee Lauder Smashed is a beautiful deep plummy shade with small flecks of purple and blue shimmer. The shimmer particles glisten beautifully in the light and I can't help but think of Quality street chocolates every time I look at my nails.

Some glitter polishes can be disappointingly sheer, but Estee Lauder smashed was opaque in 2 coats, and despite the shimmer particles, it has a relatively smooth finish. Lasting power is also pretty decent, I'm now on day 3 and so far there has only been minimal tip wear.

As you can tell, I absolutely love this shade and it's gone straight to the top of my wish list. In fact I'm really hoping Santa will brings me this next month as I think it'll be the perfect colour for Christmas day.

Have you tried any of the Estee Lauder metal mania polishes? What colour will you be wearing on Christmas day?


  1. This looks amazing! I recently tried some of the rimmel metal rush collection and though they are really nice, they miss the deep wintery colours so I might give this a go!

    1. I've just googled it and I see what you mean about the Rimmel metal rush collection. Their precious stones collection is lovely though. I'd definitely recommend getting this, it's a beautiful nail colour x


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