Mumbai photo diary

After the wedding in Hyderabad we repacked our bags, said goodbye to those leaving and made our way to the airport for our next adventure in Mumbai:

First stop was Gateway to India and although the heat took some getting used to it was so 
beautiful along the waterfront and we really enjoyed walking around and exploring the city.

 The famous Taj Mahal Palace Hotel

 Cricket is the national sport in India and no matter which park we went to
there were always a group of locals playing, even in the 35 degrees heat!

With all the noise, vibrant colours and street stalls, Mumbai was a real sensory overload
 but look up and you'll see some beautiful buildings and architecture. There are also a few
 parks dotted around which were a welcome break away from the hustle and bustle of the city.

 We also payed a visit to the local market which was a real treasure trove of
 jewellery, trinklets and gifts, as well as little stalls where you can get Mehndi done.

During our time in India we were spoilt for choice with food and I was very glad we 
had a friend with us who knew the area and could therefore recommend the best dishes. 
This Thali was made up of a creamy chicken curry, vegetables in cococut sauce and a 
dry roasted spice fish, all accompanied by the most delicious doughy Naan bread and rice.

 Walking around we came across Mumbai train station at the peak of rush hour which
 was an interesting experience! Crowds of locals surge past but it was the sheer volume 
of traffic and constant beeping outside which was really overwhelming. A real 
insight into life in India and it certainly puts commuting in London into perspective!

 Being in a tropical country we wanted to make the most of our evenings and 
rooftop drinks at Aer Lounge was a real highlight. Located on the 34th floor of
Four Seasons Hotel, the bar had amazing views over Mumbai and watching the sunset 
with a cocktail in hand, surrounded by friends will be a memory that I'll never forget.

Next up, a hotel and restaurant review, plus our trip to Delhi and Agra for the Taj Mahal!

Have you ever been to Mumbai? What's on your travel bucket list? 


  1. Such amazing photos! I'm off to India next year and already can't wait! x

    1. Thanks Lily, you'll have an amazing time in India, can't wait to see your photos! x


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