The holiday skincare essentials

You may have guessed that I've been on holiday recently and although I still have a few more travel posts to publish I wanted to talk about a five of my favourite skincare essentials today:

Holiday skincare essentials, Sond skincare, Garnier ultimate blends, He shi, Biz Buin
Holiday skincare essentials 

Holiday skincare essentials, Sond skincare, Biz Buin
  Holiday skincare essentials

This last year my skin has become really dehydrated so going on a long haul flight I wanted to treat it as much as possible. In the past I've opted for leave on face masks but this time I decided to try a facial oil instead with regular hydrating sprays to top up during the flight. Sond replenishing face oil is specifically designed for sensitive skin so I knew it wouldn't irritate and it's packed with coconut oil to help hydrate and nourish. Like with all oils it leaves a slight sheen but it's non greasy and feels very comfortable on the skin. I've since started using this in place of a night cream and my skin always looks fresh and plumped up the next morning. 

Sond hydrating face spray was another skincare hero and as much and as I enjoyed using it during the flight it was on holiday that I truly appreciated the spray. With temperatures of 35 degrees the cooling liquid with such a welcome break and definitely much needed during the day! It's also really good for setting make up although because of the more powerful spray I'd recommend using it about an arm's length away. 

With sun damage being the biggest cause of ageing I made sure to stock up on SPF before leaving the UK. I don't like anything too heavy or greasy especially on holiday so Piz Buin ultra light dry touch face fluid remains a firm favourite. It's just so lightweight and quick sinking and doesn't interfere with my make up at all. Plus it offers broad spectrum protection against both UVA and UVB rays.

Holiday skincare essentials, Garnier ultimate blends, He shi
Holiday skincare essentials

With my skin more on show I made sure to use Garnier ultimate blends restoring body lotion daily. Extracts of royal jelly, propolis and honey made sure my skin was soft and well hydrated, and although it's on the thick side I found it to be fairly quick absorbing and non sticky on the skin. Plus it smells beautiful and the scent will forever remind me of our amazing holiday. 

I'm not the most organised with fake tan so instead I packed my He-shi one day tan instead for days when I wanted to look my best. It gives a really gorgeous naturally bronzed glow and is so quick and easy to apply - I used a tanning mitt for the best results. It's a waterproof formula and I actually found it to be pretty transfer resistant, although I'd recommend avoiding wearing white just in case! 

Have you tried any of these 5 products? What are your holiday skincare essentials?


  1. Oh Fei, how interesting. I don't think I've seen this particular Garnier body lotion here in Germany. The extracts of royal jelly, propolis and honey do sound interesting to me, as all the ingredients do have really great effects on the skin. If I see it around, I will go ahead & try it this spring. :)
    Luchessa @

    1. Oh that's a shame, it's always so frustrating when products aren't available in your country. Hope you've managed to find a bottle since x


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