Running in heels

E4 have been advertising this programme all week and I thought it looked pretty interesting so decided to watch it last night. It's a reality show about 3 interns who start working at Marie Claire all competing for a job there. It's a perfect mix of fashion, glamour and drama and would definitely recommend for anyone who likes programmes like The Hills and The City.

According to E4:
'Running Heels is the most fashionable reality show to grace your tellybox since The Hills.

The show follows British born Joanna Coles, the feisty editor-in-chief of the US edition of Marie Claire as she leads her team of hardcore fashion loving journalists in creating one of the world's most respected magazine franchises.

It's not all luvvie parties and air kissing however. The bitchiness quota essential to all US reality shows is supplied in spades by highly competitive Marie Claire interns Talita, Samantha and Ashley. These girls have a huge capacity for moaning and groaning (usually about each other) whilst going head to head in challenges such as being the best assistant at live events and writing the best bedroom-based diary.' (Copied from E4)

Did anyone watch this last night? What did you think?

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  1. I wanted to watch this but forgot and only caught the last 5 minutes. I'll maybe catch a repeat if its on though!

    The doll on fashion


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