As you probably know I've recently spent a lot of time sorting out and packing up my stuff for uni and as a result I've realised that I have loads of brand new clothes, shoes and scarves that have never been worn. Now I'll openly admit that I love shopping but I'm always careful to not spend too much and return anything I don't think I'll wear so I'm genuinely shocked at how much new stuff I have.

There's some really nice stuff here that I've completely forgotten about and I'm looking forward to wearing all this new stuff over the next few weeks. Unfortunately there are 2 jackets there that I'm not so keen on anymore and am thinking of selling them. Is it still worth using ebay? I've heard a lot of negative things about them since they got rid of negative feedback comments. Are there any other websites that you'd recommend?

They say that you wear 20% of your wardrobe 80% of the time but I'll definitely be making more of an effort to wear everything that I own not just the same stuff all the time.

Is anyone else guilty of buying things then not wearing them?


  1. all the time honestly its my worst habit haha, why dont you do a blog sale then you wont have the hassle of ebay :)

  2. Juicygirl- I'm glad it's not just me! Thanks for the blog sale idea x

  3. I've sold a few things on ebay recently and i've not had any problems, trial and error i think x

  4. Sadie-Thanks for commenting, I just remember on Handbag there were a few threads about ebay problems. Glad it's working for you x


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