September favourites

I'm going to jump on the bandwagon and do a post on my top 5 products of the month.

I can't believe its the end of September already! Where's the time gone? Before we know it it'll be Xmas then 2010 will be here!

Batiste tropical dry shampoo: Such a useful product to have around. It's really good for reviving hair between washes and adding more volume, plus it has a lovely tropical fragrance to remind me of sunnier days.

Bio-oil: A really good multi-purpose product, I originally brought it to get rid of a scar mark (which has now totally disappeared) but more recently it's been really good at moisturizing my poor nose which has been really dry thanks to a cold.

M&S aloe vera hand and body lotion: A easily absorbed body lotion that leaves my skin soft and smooth with a gorgeous fresh fragrance. And it only costs £1!

Maybelline line definer eye liner: This makes applying eyeliner so much quicker and easier. It's in the style of a pen so you literally draw it onto your lashline. I also like to touch the side of the pen to my lashline and dab to get a thicker line (hope that made sense). Has good lasting power but is easy to remove with an EMUR.

Soap and glory clean on me: A beautifully fragranced shower gel that has body lotion built in. It doesn't replace body lotion but is good for my morning showers when there is no time to moisturise afterwards. The huge bottle lasts for ages as well, I've been using this everyday for months and it's not even half finished yet.

What are your favourite products of the month?


  1. I just invested in bio oil!

    What does EMU stand for?! I hope that isn't a really thick question..

  2. ohhh I wanna try bio oil for stretchmarks! x

  3. Miss Ashley- You should, its meant to be very good for stretchmarks x

  4. Phoebe-Oops just realized my mistake, its meant to be EMUR, which stands for eye make up remover. And it's not a thick question, I didn't know what it stood for originally until someone told me x

  5. Batiste tropical dry shampoo = LOVE

    Mine must be..garnier hydralock moisturizer

  6. M&S Aloe Vera hand & body lotion for a £1 where have I been... is this new??? I love Aloe Vera.

  7. Dry shampoo is amazing! I only discovered it recently and I have no idea how I lived without it!

  8. Lauren- Have you tried any of the new ones? I'm always tempted then I remember how much I love the tropical one x

  9. Juicygirl-Not sure if it's new, I just randomly saw it one day when I went shopping with my mum. Definitely worth checking out x

  10. Lauren- Totally agree, dry shampoo is such a must have product x


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