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I love the whole long jumper skinny jeans look so was really pleased when I found this purple one whilst out shopping on Saturday. But now that I've tried it on properly I'm not so sure. It makes my legs look shorter than they are and at 5'4 I need all the help I can get to look tall. I'll try it on with a few outfits and heels before I decide wether to keep or return.

I also picked up these earrings which will be perfect for going out or jazzing up a boring everyday outfit.

Whilst I was out I also popped into the library and got some novels to read:
Second chance - Jane Green
Do not disturb - Tilly Bagshawe
Mummy said the f word - Fiona Gibson
The flirt - Kathleen Tessaro
Nice girls do- Sarah Duncan
From here to maternity - Sinead Moriarty
No place for a woman - Donna Hay
Sex and the city - Candace Bushnell

If you want more information or reviews on any of these books just leave me a comment x


  1. Ooh lots of nice books there! I've just got a Jane Fallon book. I started reading the Sex and the City book but found it really different to the series and didn't get on with it. Would be interested to hear your thoughts!

    The Leeds city library is rubbish- I need to find a good one xxx

  2. Daisy- I was so disappointed with the book, I love the tv show but it was so different. I thought it was really bitty and difficult to follow. There wasn't much of a plot either.

    Hope you find a good library soon x

  3. Love the earrings there sooo cute, great selection of books & I totally agree with you on the Sex & The City book the tv show is so much better, cant wait to see the new film its looks fab, thanks for following me BTW :)

  4. Juicy girl- I'm really looking forward to the movie as well, especially since they've released some of the photos from filming x


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