Bye bye razors, hello epilator!

I've been shaving for years, but after trying out different methods of hair removal this summer, I can happily say I will not be using razors to shave my legs again!

Although I like the results from waxing, it is expensive to do on a regular basis and an epilator allows me to get similar results between sessions.

I was recently sent the Braun silk-epil 7 epilator to try out and I have to say I'm now a big fan of epilating. It did take me a while to figure out how to use it, but once I'd read and understood the instructions it was so simple to use.

They recommend that you trim hairs between 2-5mm for best results and there is a trimmer head included which you can use if necessary. I found the epilator easy to use (although it does sound very scary) and the smart light allowed me to see the area clearly, even at night time.

As expected it was quite painful, but nothing unbearable and the shorter the hair was, the less painful it was to epilate. Although there was still a bit of hair left, the epilator removed everything apart from the really tiny hairs that have just grown out of the follicle.

There is also a shaver head included in the box (with a trim and shave option), which makes a good alternative to the razor. Like shaving I did have to go over areas twice, but otherwise there were no problems.

As well as the shaver head, it comes with various sized attachment heads for bikini and face, a brush to clean the epilator, a waterproof drawstring bag and some wipes for use before epilating. This particular model can also be used in the bath or shower.

Compared to shaving, this is so much easier and longer lasting (I was getting seriously fed up with getting stubble the day after I'd shaved) plus I can use it on really short hairs, so I don't have to wait weeks for the hair to grow before epilating again. Although it does cost significantly more than a packet of razors, I much prefer this to shaving and for me, its worth buying to avoid the hassle of shaving everyday!

Have you tried epilating before? How did you get on?


  1. I've tried...almost everything (I haven't tried laser's too expensive for me now).
    I've tried wax...and it's okay. I did it with an aesthetics (I think that's what they are called). It's a bit painful, but not too much...but it's expensive to go there every week or every two weeks.
    I've tried wax at home's not the same. Or at least I don't do it well...but I couldn't wax all my legs.
    I've also tried epilating's very painful for me. I can stand it in medium legs, but not in my groin...too bad...I start bleeding in that zone...
    I've tried that's what I'm using if I have an special event or I want to be perfect. They're easy to use and it's a quickly method...but it's like're great that day and the day after...but the third day you can't show your legs (that's my case...)
    And when I don't use any cream, I use razor...
    I want to try laser...but it's expensive, so...

  2. Hey sweets,

    Really great post.. I have previously tried epilating, I think it was the model before this one (bought about 18months ago).. I really wanted it to work so much, but I just found it really painful and my legs ended up being irritated by the whole process. The one I have doesn't allow for use in the shower, so maybe this may be a better option. I'd be skeptical to purchase another one for fear of the pain again, as much I would love for this to be my method of hair removal.


  3. I've never tried this but I really want to. Shaving is just so tedious sometimes! I'm not sure whether I'd like the pain though! xx

  4. Eeeekk! It looks so painful but i love the thought of not shaving anymore haha. xx

  5. I need to give this one a go...I did try epilating for a while and it didn't really work so well - I had to go over the area several times for it to grab all the hairs, which irritated my skin. This one sounds good though! :)


  6. I've tagged you on my blog :)


  7. I recently bought this as well. I much prefer it to shaving, but still find it a hassle to do, because you have to be more precise than a quick shave.

  8. Wow ill have to give this a try!Trying new things is always exciting. Great post thanks!

  9. o thanks for the review, have to try this


  10. Wow, you are a braver lady than me! I'd rather just shave, that is far too much pain for me!!
    I'm a new follower, would you follow me back please? :) x

  11. Yes, I tried epilating before. Actually, I have an epilating machine. For me, it's not painful at all.

  12. Becky- Wow you have tried everything! I think those waxing at home kits are rubbish compared to a salon wax (at least the Veet ones are). Have you looked into home laser machines? There are quite a few on the market now x

    Laura @ The Beauty Sanctum- Thank you lovely. It's a shame that it didn't work out for you. If you decide to buy another one keep your eye out for offers and special deals, you can sometimes get a real bargain x

    Olivia- You should give it a go, the pain really isn't that bad x

    xWHLo- It was a bit painful but it really wasn't that bad, plus no pain no gain lol x

    Belle de Beauty- I found for the best results I still had to go over the area twice, but only
    to get the really tiny hairs the second time x

  13. Charlotte- Thanks for the tag lovely x

    Phoebe- Glad I'm not the only one, it is still a hassle but at least it's less frequent than shaving x

    Renay Shanel- Thank you, hope you like it x

    Mon Cheri- Hope you like it x

    jade- I figured it can't be any worse than waxing so might as well give it a go! x

    satellite heart - That's good, hopefully I'll find it less painful with time x

  14. I have tried a really rubbish model by Remmington and it hurt like hell and I had to go over areas again and again. The whole process irritated my legs but I figured the results would be worth it if I beared the pain.

    So would a better model like Braun be less painful since it will pick up the hairs better first time and knowing you will only need to go over a area at least twice? I really want to give up shaving and Im willing to take a little pain!

    Thanks, love your posts ^__^
    KK, xoxo

  15. Kei Kei- Thank you. I've not used any other models so I can't compare, but this one picked up all the hairs in 2 goes so it wasn't too irritating on the legs. Might be worth giving it a go x


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