A few of my recent purchases

I recently started my uni placement so haven't had much time to go shopping, but over the last fortnight or so I've managed to pick up a few bits and pieces:

First stop was The Body Shop, where I picked up a soft hands kind heart hand cream and a peppermint cooling foot spray.

I needed a new handbag hand cream and the mini soft hands kind heart one was the perfect size for my bag, plus it helps to support their ECPAT charity. The foot spray was a bit of an unnecessary purchase but I'm so glad I got it because it's fab for freshening and cooling down feet, especially on a hot day!

When I was picking up the giveaway prizes in Boots, I also brought myself the Botanics soothing eye make up remover and some multivitamins (to make up for my lack of fruit and veg intake recently). I've heard a lot of good things about the eye make up remover and I'm hoping it'll be just as good if not better than the No 7 one.

Finally I couldn't resist buying a mini Yankee candle in midnight jasmine from Clintons. I've had so many recommendations for Yankee candles and at £1.60 it seemed the perfect opportunity to try one out.

Have you tried any of the above items? What have you brought recently?


  1. I love yankee candles and midnight jasmine is one of my favourites. They are definitely worth spending a little bit more on because they last forever and smell right to the last little bit xx

  2. Karla- Totally agree with you, I've tried some cheap ones and they generally turn out to be a disappointment. Can't wait to burn my one :) x

  3. I have a peppermint cooling foot spray that I barely use... I wonder if it's still good LOL. I doN't know, I prefer foot creams, they seem to work better for me (=

  4. I really like the soft hands kind heart hand cream, it's such a perfect size to pop in your bag xx

  5. Gaby- You should try it, especially during the summer, sprays are great for cooling down and refreshing feet x

  6. Nicola- It really is the perfect size, not too keen on the herbal smell though x

  7. I was looking at the Yankee Candles in Clintons the other day!
    I've had a few bottles of the Botanics Eye Make-up Remover - not sure if it's as good as No 7 but it's cheaper and still does the job nicely :) x

  8. LilyLipstick- You should get one :) Thanks for the heads up about the eye make up remover, I may stock up on No 7 whilst the vouchers are around if that's the case x

  9. I adore the Lemon Lavender Yankee Candles- they smell so gorgeous and fresh. The largest size jars last forever and are worth every penny.


  10. The eye make up remover is amazing!
    I don't think you'll be disappointed =D

  11. Some great buys, once I have finished my L`oreal eye makeup remover Im straight to Boots to pick up a Bontanics one!! I too have read some fab reviews about it!! Who would think we could get excited over an eye make-up remover hey?? ha ha!!

    As for Yankee Candles I always see them on QVC and they seem so nice and I always think of christmas!! I may have to buy a mini one like yours and se what I think :)

    Sher x


  12. Sherrie- I hope you like the Botanics one :) I had no idea you could get Yankee in UK shops but the mini ones are fab for trying out the brand x

  13. oh i love yankee candles, they smell amazing, i really like the clean cotton one, smells just like fresh laundry (obv!), a small one is great in the airing cupboard too :)

    I really want to try the botanics eye makeup remover, everyone seems to really love it, so think that'll be my next purchase :)

  14. corsets, crafts and cupcakes- They're so nice aren't they. I remember smelling that one in the shop and it smelt so authentic, I love how 'realistic' their scents are.

    Definitely give the eye make up remover a try, it works really well and is such a bargain! x


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