My summer moisturizer- Biotherm aqua source skin perfection

According to the packaging, this moisturizer 'concentrates the equivalent of 5000 litres of thermal spring water and an association of thousands of micro-spheres and perfecting ingredients to help restore skin's hydration capital and smooth its surface micro-texture'.

The moisturizer (which I was sent to review) comes in a light blue glass jar and creme gel moisturizer has a powdery feel to it. As the texture is so light it sinks in very quickly and gives a matte finish to the skin. Normally matte finish moisturizers dry out my skin but this one managed to keep it hydrated throughout the day without making it any oilier than normal.

Since using this, my skin does feel smoother, but there are still some visible pores around my nose.

Overall it's a good basic moisturizer, especially for the summer, and a little bit goes a long way, so a jar will last for months, but it does have an interesting powdery texture which takes some getting used to!

Have you tried this moisturizer? What are your favourite products from Biotherm?


  1. I used to used Biotherm products a lot. They used to sell make-up at my local counter too, but not sure if that is a line which has discontinued in the UK. I used to use the same moisturiser but it was a gel version with a pump (I think). It was really good and I re-purchased it a few times. Their foundation was great too, but as ever, I had to try something new so unfortunately never went back to Biotherm. I may give it another go though.

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  2. CinereaBellFlower- I don't remember seeing any make up at their counters but according to their website they do foundation, concealer and blusher. I know what you mean, there are so many products out there its hard to stick to just the one x

  3. Nice review :)
    i've never tried biotherm products i would like to though!

  4. i have a hand cream and make-up remover.. and i really love them! :D thanks for the review..

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  5. Jaymie- Thank you, you should visit their counter if you want to try some products x

    libys11- I'd love to try their eye make up remover, their skincare range seems really good x


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