Colorsport 24 hour eyeliner

Over the last few years I've tried several different forms of eyeliner, but my favourite has to be the pen style ones, so when I was sent the Colorsport 24 hour eyeliner I had high expectations and on the most part, I wasn't disappointed.

It's a pen style eyeliner with a long thin nib, which makes application very easy. I could either use the end of the nib to draw a thin line, or use the side to get a thicker line.

It gives a pigmented semi-glossy black colour when applied and it lasted well throughout the day with no smudging. Because I have quite small eyes and short straight eyelashes, it really helped to define my eyes and make them stand out a bit more.

Although its a long lasting eyeliner, I had no problems removing it and it came off easily using both an eye make up remover and a normal face cleanser. However despite what the packaging claims, I didn't find it to be waterproof.

Overall I liked this eyeliner, and I would recommend if you want something that's easy to use and long lasting, just bear in mind that it won't be waterproof!

Have you tried anything from Colorsport? What are your favourite long lasting cosmetics?


  1. ooh iv been so tempted to buy this in the past but always assumed itd b a toughy to get off great review x

  2. Amina- Thank you, it's surprisingly easy to get off, I didn't find it any harder then all my other eyeliners x

  3. Great review, I must say I haven't heard of this brand?? Is it in Boots/superdrug? My fav pen liner is L'oreals superliner.



  4. Sherrie- Thank you :) I'm not sure if its in Superdrug but its definitely available in Boots x

  5. May have a look at this when I'm next in Boots, I've been looking for something that stays and isn't a killer to get off like Mac liquidlast liner!
    Check out my blog if you have a wee minute :)

    Jenn xx

  6. This sounds fab. I had something very similar which I purchased in Japan a couple of years ago and it was great - this looks like the closest thing to it available in the UK. x

  7. Jenn- Thanks for commenting, I hope you like the eyeliner if you do decide to try it out x

    LilyLipstick- What was the product you purchased in Japan like? They have some really cute and quirky cosmetics there x

  8. I'd never heard about this brand. I'll have to try it. Thank you for the review (^_^)

  9. Becky- You're welcome, I hope you like it x


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