Forgotten favourites

Over the last year my make up collection has really expanded, but it's been a case of out of sight, out of mind for me when it comes to products.

(Mac select moisturecover concealer)

This was my first ever MAC purchase but it was a little dark for my skin so it's been sitting unloved in my drawer for the last few month. I re-discovered this when I moved flats and as I now have a tan it's the perfect shade for covering my dark circles.

It's pigmented enough to neutralise that horrible bluey purple colour and as it's a moisturising formula it doesn't cake or settle into any fine lines.

(NYC colour wheel in pink cheek glow)

I was sent this sometime last year but as the weather got warmer, I switched to cream blushers as they give a nicer glow to the cheeks. However I find that it doesn't last long and by mid-afternoon the colour has disappeared from my cheeks.

The blusher is sheer but buildable and as it's a powder, the staying power is a lot better. Although it's a matte formula I find that a little bit of highlighter works wonders, leaving me with dewy flushed cheeks that lasts for most of the day.

Having been through my make up, there are so many products that I've just forgotten about, so from now on I'm going to try and change at least one product from my routine every week.

Is anyone else guilty of buying make up then just forgetting about it? What have you re-discovered recently?


  1. Ah great post :) For me something I've rediscovered is BeneFit Dandelion blush and my MAC Dazzleglasses :) Forgot how pretty they can be! xx

  2. SparklesandLipgloss - Thanks lovely, Benefit dandelion looks like the prettist pink in the pan x

  3. all the time, hehe... I buy the same color and get home like *goodness* i had the same one stuffed back in the container that has all of my makeup lol

  4. Eloise In NY- Haha that's impressive, your collection must be huge! x

  5. The Nyc make up looks so good, I have to try that blush

  6. Lauren- It's such a gorgeous colour, hope you like it x

  7. haha exactly what we wer talking about sat night! iv got tonnes of stuff iv forgotten and rediscovered again!

  8. I love re-discovering old favourites. That pinky blush looks really pretty for summer :) x


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