Project bathroom and Illamasqua makeup amnesty.

I'm still trying to use up my huge collection of toiletries and since my last post I'm pleased to report that I've finished 12 products:

(8 of the 10 finished products)

Soap and glory clean on me (not shown)
Alberto Balsam strawberry conditioner (not shown)
Mitchum antiperspirant
Head and shoulders classic clean shampoo
2x Origin modern friction exfoliator sample (not shown)
Batiste tropical dry shampoo
Botanics overnight foot treatment
Dove intensive body lotion sample
Siana nourishing night cream
L'oreal youth code day cream
Elemis pro collagen hand and nail cream

Also Illamasqua currently have a make up amnesty promotion, where you can bring in unwanted/finished make up in exchange for 25% off their range of products.

I've just finished my Maxfactor mascara, so I'll be bringing that and an old concealer in exchange for a discounted cream blusher :)

The make up amnesty runs until 31st July and is available at:
Selfridges (Oxford St, Trafford Centre, Bham Bullring)
Fenwick (Newcastle)
BT2 (Grafton St Dublin)
Debenhams (Glasgow, Belfast, Cardiff)

Are you also trying to trim your stash of toiletries? If so how are you getting on?

Will you be taking advantage of Illamasqua's make up amnesty?


  1. Hey lovely
    I think this is such a fab idea and I definitely want to take advantage of it to clear out some of my redundant makeup!!

  2. i just tried using up my toiletries, it was actually quite fun - i dont think my entire self has been so exfoliated, pampered and preened - but then when i got paid i went out and bought a ton of stuff on offer lol xxx

  3. Milly- Totally agree, it's such a good idea, a guilt free way to get rid of make up and a nice discount on a new product. If only MAC did something similar lol! x

  4. City Girls Fashion Box- Haha but at least you've used up some stuff before buying new products x

  5. Yep, I've got about five or six bits that I want to give in. Blushers are my thing at the moment so I'm going to try and pick up some gel ones.

    I say gel, I mean the non powder ones...cream?

  6. I have 40 toilietries i am never going to use them all !!!!! help lol :L i might try using some of them up like you do its a good idea :D xx

  7. Rhamnousia- Lol they're cream blushers. I'm planning on getting one as well x

    flyawaywithmexoxo- Give it time, and before you know it you'll be on your last few bottles. Its quite satisfying when you finish a product x

  8. well done im soo strugglin on my current ptp but i gotta admit im not counting toiletries, maybe i shud come to think about it

  9. ooh, thanks for the tip-off. I have loads of almost finished items. I think i'll get some stuff together tonight and pop into Selfridges in Birmingham on the way home from work tomorrow!!

    Please check out my blog if you get a minute. I've only just started but hopefully it will become a regular thing for me.


  10. Amina- Definitely count toiletries, after all they take up more space than make up :P x

    melba177- You're welcome, glad the post was useful, let me know what you brought x


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