International swap with Rachel

When I posted a review of Maybelline the falsies mascara, Rachel (*la bella vita ♥) commented saying that she really wanted to try it but it wasn't readily available in Canada. I offered to send her one and we decided to do an international swap.

She actually posted these last month but as I was moving flats I asked her to send them to my home address, and I wasn't able to get them until now:

I chose to try some body lotions from Bath and body works, as well as the NYX cream blusher and lipgloss.

Bath and body works body lotion in sweet pea and dancing waters

NYX cream blusher in Glow

Unfortunately she couldn't find the lipgloss I wanted so she brought me a shimmery pink lipstick instead.

NYX lipstick in Georgia

She was also super generous and included a lipliner in Rose and jumbo eyeshadow pencils in Yogurt and Milk as well as a cute cupcake card!

A big thank you to Rachel for sending me everything, the body lotions smell amazing and I can't wait to try out all the make up!

Have you ever done a make up swap? What are your favourite products from abroad?


  1. I've never done a swap, but I'd love to try some Japanese brands products and clothing

  2. Oooh you lucky girl! I would love to do a US swap. How do you go about it? Do you set a spending limit? xxx

  3. Great swap! I would love to try some International goodies too, and I'm also loving NYX and other US brands. Oh and Betsey Johnson of course from the US :)


  4. I've never tried swapping before, but it sounds great!

  5. i've never done a swap before but i want to soo much! i'm from canada and i would love to do swaps with someone in the uk to try sleek products and barrym :)

  6. Becky- Wow Japanese clothes would be so cool, their beauty products always look so cute! x

    WarPaintGuru- I offered to send her the mascara and she suggested the swap. We then set a price limit and choose some products that we wanted x

    Dreams That Glitter- NYX products are great, if only they were more available here, US are so lucky, they have so many great brands x

    Agnes- It's a really fun thing to do :) x

  7. christine- You could ask on your blog or twitter if anyone wants to do a swap? I'll let you know if I'm planning another swap in the future x

  8. wow iv never done a swap before, sounds fun, i wish they sold more nyx here in uk, i only found one place and its a real hit n miss

  9. Wow you've got some lovely goodies (=

  10. Amina- Tell me about it, the only place I know of is Harrods and I don't think its the full collection x

    Gaby- NYX make up is great, very jealous of you Canadians! x

  11. wow i would love to try some NYX stuff :) especially the jumbo pencils!

    i just stumbled across your blog.. its so lovely! definitely following :) <33

  12. I love the sweet pea lotion from B&BW. I have a bunch of lotions from there that I swap out on my vanity but this is my fave by far.

    Great blog!

  13. I need to try some NYX!

    I've tagged you in the 8 question tag


  14. Paperheart- They've got some great stuff, they really need to expand to the UK lol x

    Chezelle and Spectra- It smells gorgeous doesn't it, I'm definitely going to get more once I finish this one :) x

    Fudgesmoothiesmakeup - Thanks for the tag x

  15. Ooh they sell Nyx in House of Fraser!

  16. Kratz- Thanks so much for the heads up, will definitely have a look next time I go shopping x


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