A weekend NOTD

For the Aussie party on Saturday I decided to paint my nails with Eyeko coral polish (to match my dress) then as I had some free time on Sunday I decided to decorate my nails with some stickers which I was sent from Viva la nails.

Out of all the different designs, this one is probably my favourite. The flowers are so pretty and it would go with almost every colour. The stickers are super easy to use as well- I simply peeled them off with tweezers then used my fingers to press them over my nails.

What are your favourite nail designs at the moment?

Also I've recently signed up to be an Eyeko ambassador and you can use my code- E9624 to claim a free gift with every order.


  1. aww so cute - they seem well easy to do wit the stick ons as well

  2. Aw wow your nails look lovely :) xx

  3. These look cute! Stickers are so easy to use and can make nails look so pretty! :) xx

  4. Wow they're some gorgeous nails =)

    lifeisfullobeautyx.blogspot.com ♥

  5. oo this looks so pretty!
    The colour is gorgeous - I need to get some eyeko stuff asap :)

  6. Wow your nails look so pretty!

  7. really pretty :) x

  8. Amina- Thanks :) stick ons are so easy to use x

    Hannah- Thank you x

    Olivia- They;re great aren't they, they're fast becoming my favourite nail product x

    Jenny- Thank you x

    ..R May A.. - Their nail varnishes are really good, really glossy and I normally only need one coat x

    Dollface- Thank you x

    Jo- Thank you x

    TaMii0- Thank you x

  9. Gorgeous nail art! I might finally make a nail art attempt for the first time this summer... Been getting so lazy with it all :O xxxx

  10. Michelle Chai.- Do it, it's such an easy way to jazz up your nails :) x


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