Free I-Divine palette and foundation matching

A little last minute but I thought I'd do a post anyway in case you're interested.

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Sleek make up have recently expanded their foundation colours and to make sure there's a shade to suit everyone they are doing foundation matching all day today.

All you have to do is fill in a questionnaire and then get matched. In return you'll get a free goody bag which will contain an i-divine palette of your choice, including any past limited edition ones.

Me and my friend went this morning and it really doesn't take long at all. I was also able to get the graphite palette, which I've been trying to get for ages, so I would definitely recommend popping along.

It's taking place at 94 Judd St, WC1H 9PS and they'll be foundation matching until 8pm.

Did anyone else go along to get foundation matched?


  1. Waa~! How lucky!
    There aren't such things where I live in Spain (T__T)

  2. I would of loved to go to this but i'm up north so no chance for me. Glad you got the palette you wanted, i have it and its brilliant x

  3. If I wasn't working I'd definitley go!! So jealous you got that palette, I wish I'd got it!!

    Do their foundations look good? Would you say that the palest shade is pale enough? X

  4. Becky- I know, it's such a good event x

    Nicoletta- Thanks, I can't wait to have a play with the colours x

    Katie- That's such a shame :( It was their compact cream foundation which I personally found too much but it would be good if you wanted heavy coverage. I didn't pay too much attention to the pale shades but I'm a NC25 and they had quite a few lighter shades so there should be one that matches x

  5. this sounds like a great idea but too bad i'm no where near !!


  6. I went and they were the nicest people i've ever encountered.

    Plus they had the limited edition palettes so i got graphite and my mum got safari.

  7. It's a shame it's so far away it sounds really good :(

  8. I went! I got matched perfectly, but I totally agree about the heavy texture. Apparently the same colour range is also going to be used for a new range of liquid foundations, hopefully they'll be lighter!

  9. I went too, but only because of your post, so thank you so much :D
    They were such nice people!
    And I managed to get the bohemian limited edition palette and I love it!


  10. Lily- That's a shame, maybe next time they'll do one near you x

    MakeUpTreasurebox- It was so good that they gave people a chance to get sold out limited edition palettes :) x

    Kyanvi- What palette did you go for? x

  11. Jessica D- :( Maybe next time! x

    The Postcolonial Rabbit- That's good, are they bringing out new liquid ones as well? The one I tried before was definitely lighter which is good for girls who don't want such heavy coverage x

    Discombobulatedd- You're welcome, I'm so glad that this post was helpful x

  12. Oh wow how cool, I wish I lived near by =)

  13. Amandita- It was a pretty cool event, hopefully they'll do more stuff around the country x


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