My perfume collection and wishlist

My perfume collection is really small as I originally wanted to find one 'signature fragrance' but I was far to indecisive and liked too many perfumes so ended up buying a couple more. However I've recently become a lot more interested in perfumes so will definitely be expanding my collection this summer.

The Body Shop oceanus- A lovely clean and fresh floral fragrance that reminds me of being by the sea or in a park, perfect for spring/summer

Paul Smith Rose- A gorgeous light airy rose scent thats perfect for everyday wear

Calvin Klein euphoria- A musky floral scent thats great for evenings and winter time

J-Lo live luxe- My least favourite fragrance, I'd describe it as a musky fruity floral scent

Anna Sui secret wish (not pictured) - A really nice fruity fragrance with a beautiful bottle, but I do find it fades quite quickly

I've currently got a huge list of perfumes to check out, but have decided I'll definitely be purchasing the 3 perfumes below as they all smell amazing!

Boss orange- A gorgeous sweet girly scent with notes of orange blossom, white flower and vanilla.

Escada marine groove- A lovely tropical perfume with a blend of floral, fruity and musky notes, perfect for the summer!

Chanel chance eau tendre- A beautiful fruity floral fragrance with grapefruit, jasmine and musk notes.

What are your favourite perfumes? Also are there any other fruity floral fragrances that you would recommend?


  1. I love the Escada one, I got a couple of weeks ago. I love all Escada perfumes tho. Have you tried Banana Republic's Alabaster? It's my new fav fragrance! It's really nice for summer.

    Lisa xx

  2. I love Ricci Ricci by Nina Ricci, But I am also a fan of the Vanilla fragrance from the bodyshop I am surprised at how heavily scented they are! Nice post x

  3. Mybutterfly63- Me too, they all smell so summery and tropical. I'll have to try that one next time I go shopping, thanks for the recommendation x

    Alice- I just googled it and I love the bottle, thanks for the recommendation, have added it to my list of perfumes to try out x

  4. I <3 CK Euphoria, Chanel Chance, MJ Daisy and had a whiff of Hugo Orange the other day - gorgeous xx

  5. I LOVE Chanel chance!!! I want someone to purchase it for me

  6. Lollipop- We have very similar tastes, I love the smell of Daisy too. Do you find it fades very quickly or is that just me? x

    Makeup by Kim Porter- Haha me too x

  7. my two favourites are paul smith rose and amor amor but i have loads more i like too

  8. my signature perfume is Bright Crystal by it =)

    i recommend you to try it

  9. Paul Smith Rose is gorgeous, this is one of my teeny tiny perfume collection (4!) x

  10. I really like the Escada perfumes for summer, I had Rocking Rio a couple of years ago and it was gorgeous. I'm currently using Marc Jacobs Lola but I'm on the look out for something a bit lighter for summer...Boss Orange sounds like something I'd like :) x

  11. Ooo you could try the Viktor & Rolf Flower Bomb, it's amazing - I wear that quite often, along with Chanel Coco Mademoiselle and Chance :)


  12. sarah- I have to say I'm not keen on amor amor but PS rose is gorgeous! x

    -iNtAnAdiA- Thanks for the recommendation x

    missy_ellie_uk- Glad its not just me with a small collection, Paul Smith rose is lovely isn't it x

    LilyLipstick- I didn't realise they did a new one every year until just recently, but they all smell so nice and tropical. Definitely try out Boss orange, its so nice x

  13. Laura- Thanks for the recommendation, I've actually tried it before and its nice but I don't think I like it enough for the price. The green Chance fragrance is lovely though x

  14. Hey girly!
    Just to let you know I tagged you for an award on my blog, I think you definitely deserve it!
    x x

  15. Mmm i love the body shop scents <3

  16. Darling heart- Thank you lovely x

    Lisa Drives A Van- They're such a bargain x

  17. I absolutely love chance chanel, a lot of the women wear it on my mother's side of the family.
    I personally like perfumes with tuberose and/or sandalwood, like michael kors - it makes me fall in love. Also love burberry london and marc jacobs.

  18. My favourite is Betsey Johnson's :).


  19. Eunice Yooni Kim- Chanel perfumes are so classic, I love the contempory smell of the Chance ones though :) Michael Kors and Marc Jacob ones smell lush as well x

    Dreams that glitter- I've not heard of her before, will have to investigate! Thanks x

  20. i love Chanel chance too smellss soo good ! :)

  21. ipehishere- Me too, they're lovely x

  22. Hi :)
    found your blog a lil while ago, and im loving it!
    I would really recommend Chloe (the square bottle with the bow!) its really stunning,i always get compliments when i wear it, and lasts forever on the skin!
    I also think its a lesser worn perfume, which I love, as it can be a real 'signiture scent' :)

  23. samantha xx.. - Ooh I love that fragrance, so distictive and feminine, thanks for recommending x


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