Illamasqua body electrics collection and your recommendations?

Like a lot of beauty bloggers, I was kindly sent some products from the new body electrics collection to try out. Whilst I'd read a lot about the brand, I've yet to use any of their products, so was really excited when my parcel arrived and I set about playing with everything straight away.

The collection was 'inspired by the power of kinetic energy and
the fluidity of the body in motion, and includes creams, powders
and dry body oils filled with light, shimmer and shine, designed
to highlight and contour your whole body'

The promotional images are absoutely beautiful and I think it portrays the inspiration behind this collection perfectly.

At £38, the kabuki body brush isn't cheap, but it is so soft and fluffy,
yet at the same time the bristles are dense and firm. I plan on using
this to apply bronzer during the summer.

The pulse illuminate oil looks very decorative in the glass jar, but
it was quite hard to control how much oil came out. That said, the
actual oil is a lovely bronzy colour and blends out to give a nice
sheen to the skin with fine shimmer particles. It sinks in quickly and
has a very tropical scent which lasts well throughout the day.

Overall I'm impressed with the quality of Illamasqua products, and having used these 2 products, I'm keen to try some more. I've heard a lot of good things about their cream blushers so was thinking of getting one of those. What is your favourite shade and is there anything else I should have a look at?


  1. I like the look of that oil, it looks very pretty.. Im sure there are lots of cheaper alternatives though, you think?

    I cant recommend anything (because I don't own anything from this brand!), but I really like the look of the Prism nail polish that Ive spotted on other ladies blogs :)

  2. I picked up the Jo'Mina nail polish after VexintheCity's post on it. I'm a purple fiend and I know my purple polishes (well most) and there's not one I know that's like it! It's so bright and vivid but there's a warmth to it that stops it looking cheap or gaudy. My one rec, as I haven't checked out the rest of the collection!

  3. Nikki- It is the first shimmery body oil that I've used, so I'm not aware of any other cheaper ones but I'm sure there must be others around. Is Prism the pearly white shade? It looks so pretty in pictures x

    The postcolonial Rabbit- Thanks for the recommendation, will definitely keep it in mind when I go shopping x

  4. Looks so good! For some unknown reason I STILL don't own anything by Illamasqua. No idea why...I need to work on that ;).


  5. Dreams that glitter- Haha you and me both. I need a Illamsaqua blusher in my life lol x

  6. I have never tried Illamasqua but only because there isn't a counter near me and I like to test first! I love the look of their collections and I also want to try a blush!
    I'm not too sure I'd use that oil but the brush looks very useful! How lovely of Illamasqua xx

  7. Pyxiee- It was incredibly generous of Illamasqua! Same I'd never buy high end make up without swatching first, its a shame they're not in more department stores x


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