Maybelline, lunch and shopping

On Thu I met up with Ling for the launch of Maybelline Lash stilletto voluptuous mascara.

The mascara, which will be available from June claims to leave lashes up to 70% longer and with 80% more va-va-volume. It has a dual action s shaped brush, which holds more formula in its curves, whilst fully coating and thickening each lash with a glossy shine.

It was quite a quick launch, and because me and Ling were both hungry we decided to get some dim sum from Chinatown, which was just across the road.

The MAC store in Soho had an 20% off evening that day, and because we both had some free time, we decided to do some shopping in central London then head over to Soho at 5 to take advantage of the offer.

Whilst on Oxford St we decided to do some MAC swatching in Selfridges, just in case the pro-store was super busy. The to the beach collection had just been released, and to celebrate its release there were 2 male models in store:

As I was shopping all afternoon, I ended up buying quite a few bits, however I've since changed my mind about several things so these are the things I'm keeping.

Fake pearl earrings (Primark)
Gold bracelets (H&M)
Lustre lipstick in Sweetie (MAC)
Sleek contour kit in light (Superdrug)

Despite having a huge number of lipsticks on my wanted list, I ended up being very good and only buying one- a lustre lipstick in Sweetie, which is absoutely beautiful and I knew I'd love it as soon as I saw it on the stand (Ling brought one too). I do regret not buying creme cup as well, but as I don't wear lipstick that often its probably for the best. I think Carnaby Street does another 20% off evening in November so I can always pick it up then.

Have you been shopping recently? What is your favourite MAC lipstick?


  1. But Maybelline already have a Lash Stiletto mascara o.O
    I'm confused!

  2. What is the full name of the mascara? Maybelline already have a Lash Stiletto that I love, this looks like it might add a bit of curl as well.

  3. Leanne- That's what I originally thought, coz I remembered reading about it on blogs, but according to their PR its out in June so I assumed that maybe its only out in the US. Hmm I'll email their PR and get back to you x

  4. Exactly, the old Lash Stiletto is my HG, the tube looks the same as that one but it's black, the brush isn't curved. You'd assume that if this is like a 'sequel' to the old one that they wouldn't call it the exact same thing! x

  5. Leanne and Phoebe- The full name is Lash stiletto voluptuous, sorry my mistake. Thanks for pointing it out to me, will edit the post now x

  6. I love lash stiletto too, so can't wait to try this 'new' version! =) and yay for yummy male models! x

  7. Pyxiee- Hopefully they'll have some intro offers when its released :) Those models were such a good idea, Selfridges should employ them more often! x

  8. I love Maybelline mascaras so can't wait to try this. The brush looks interesting.
    I have the Sleek Contour Kit - I really like it, it's great quality for the price. x

  9. LilyLipstick- The sleek contour kit is great, I tried it yesterday and I love it already, the highlighter gave such a gorgoeus glow to my skin x

  10. Lions, Tigers and Fashion OH MY!- It sounds promising doesn't it? I hope it lives up to its claims. It should be in stores in the next few weeks x

  11. I have those primark earrings, Im starting to lose my faith in rimmel mascare though x

  12. polkadotstripes- Those earrings are great aren't they :) How come you're losing faith in rimmel mascaras? x


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