An evening of beauty pampering

My end of year project was due in today, and as you can imagine the last few days have been extremely busy and stressful, so (after a much needed nap!) I decided to treat myself to a pamper evening tonight. I thought I'd show you what my essential beauty pampering products are:
Face exfoliator
Face mask (deep cleansing or hydrating depending on my skin)
Body scrub
Intensive hair conditioner
Body butter
Intensive hand cream
Vaseline for dry lips and cuticles

As well as a girly movie/tv show and lots of yummy food!

Unfortunately the bath is in my flatmate's ensuite bathroom,
otherwise a Lush bubble bar would definitely be on the list! I'd
normally fake tan as well but the He-shi tanner has to be applied to
unmoisturized skin so I'll be doing that tomorrow.

What are your favourite items for a pampering evening?


  1. All of the above :) I love applying a face and hair mask and reading a good book whilst I'm waiting for it to dry :) xx

  2. Big Fashionista- Lol x

    Olivia- That sounds so nice and relaxing x

  3. haha yeh - i agree with olivia all of the above and a great hair mask! I also like giving myself a mani pedi! x

  4. I love a pamper evening! Hot bath, glass of wine, bar of chocolate, face mask and intensive conditioner, always a winner! x

  5. Onna- Gotta love hair and face masks, they're great for pampering yourself with x

    Lauren- Haha it was a lot of fun x

    Jo- You can't go wrong with a relaxing bath x

    missy_ellie_uk- That sounds amazing! x

  6. amazing and lovely blog <3


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