Body lotions and butters

I know you should moisturize everyday but I tend to be quite lazy during the Winter. However with Summer just around the corner I've been making more of an effort recently. I like to mix and match my products and these are the ones I'm currently using:

Aveeno moisturising creamy oil
A light body lotion that has a oaty almond scent to it. It sinks in very quickly and leaves my skin nicely moisturized and smooth throughout the day. This is the lightest of the 4 products, and as the weather gets warmer I can see myself using this more and more.

Biotherm oil therapy baume corps
This is more of a cream and has a fruity apricot scent. Again it sinks in very easily, and because of the thicker consistency, I feel that it is a tad more moisturising. The scent is again quite subtle and although it lingers faintly on the skin throughout the day, it won't interfere if I wear any perfume. Because of the lovely fruity scent, I will definitely be reaching for this throughout the summer.

Soap and glory the righteous butter
This has the classic Soap and Glory Miss Dior Cherie scent, which lasts well throughout the day. The scent is fairly strong, so whenever I wear this I don't bother with perfume. This is more of a thicker cream so will take a while to sink in, but once it does it leaves my skin feeling very moisturised and soft with no greasy afterfeel.

The body shop coconut body butter
This has a true butter consistancy (thick in the pot but softens when I warm it up with my hands). It takes a while to sink in, so its more of a weekly intensive moisturizer for me. It does however leave my skin feeling super smooth and moisturized and if I don't moisturize the next day, its rich enough to keep dry patches at bay. Its very strongly scented and whenever I use this, my clothes always end up smelling vanillery and coconutty.

Do you moisturize everyday? What are your favourite body lotions and body butters?

(Some of these were sent to me for review purposes, others were brought with my own money)


  1. The coconut Body Shop butter smells amazing, I love it! I love the Soap and Glory too, but the coconut just smells of summer to me :)

    I love Palmers Cocoa Butter. It sinks in really easily and the scent lasts all day. I sometimes dabble in other moisturisers, but I've always got some Palmers on hand too!

  2. I have only tried The body shop one and the Soap and glory one. I didn't get on with the coconut one as I have sensitive skin and it made me itchy. But I love S&G The righteous butter, its so moisturising and smells delicious. My clothes always smell like it when I have used it. Thinking of getting the full size in the butter and the lotion for those days when you need a lighter moisturiser,
    I'm lazy too and don't moisturise everyday haha

  3. I have the Body Shop coconut body butter also. The ONLY problem I have with it, is that after a while (way before most products of this type would normally harden) it's consistency get's a bit more pasty. There seems to be no change in how well it moisturizes, though. Love it!

  4. ElephantJuice- I love the scent of both of them, although I'm slightly paranoid about the Coconut one being too overpowering. I think I tried Palmers years ago, and was impressed with how moisturizing it was x

    Tanya- Haha glad its not just me. Definitely get the full sized one, its great value as the tub lasts for ages and its often on offer as well x

  5. Webcake- The coconut butter is certainly a popular product! Bit weird that it changes consistancy though x

  6. The coconut body butter is a classic!


  7. Dreams that glitter- Haha yep it is x

  8. haha I dont even moisturise my body once a week!! I am sooo lazy and the skin on my body isnt that dry - excuses i know. x

  9. Onna- You're lucky that your skin isn't too dry, if I don't moisturize regularly it can get really tight and dry x

  10. Think your blog is lovely and I have mentioned it in my blog as the most adorable I've seen so far:

  11. I've been looking for a good body butter. Ill have to try this out!

    Really lovely blog! You deserve the awards :)

    Cheers, Jesa

  12. CharStarFashionBeautyBlogger- Thank you lovely x

    Jesa- They're all really good moisturizers, I hope you like it x


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