Haircare and styling advice from Andrew Collinge

Last week I was invited to an informal event at Andrew Collinge's London flat, where we had the privilege of meeting the man himself. On arrival we were greeted with drinks and lots of yummy snack food, and after chatting and getting to know the other bloggers, Andrew shared his haircare and styling tips with the group:

- Hair shouldn't be shampooed too frequently, as it overstimulates the oil glands, and leads to greasy roots and dry ends. The optimum time is once every 2-3 days/
- A cool rinse at the end will help to smooth the cuticles and leave you with shiny hair.
- Permanent hair dye colours the cuticles, whereas semi-permanent only stains the hair. However a semi-permanent colour will permanently change blonde hair.
- The better the condition of the hair, the less porous it is, and therefore the less the hair dye will hold.
- A zig zag parting will help to give some lift at the roots.
- When blow drying point the nozzel parallel to the hair to smooth down cuticles.
- Regular hair trims will help to stop it going whispy and straggly.

He then demonstrated various hair styles on the bloggers, quite impressively with only a hair brush and a pin! He was a big fan of back combing for creating volume for up dos (and having seen the results I can understand why!).

He also created a beautiful boho fishtail plait on Fleur, which was basically like doing a two strand plait with a section in the middle.

We were also told about the core and purity haircare range, which is available at Superdrug and most supermarkets.

The Core range contains both haircare and styling products for all hair types. The Purity range has 4 different shampoos and conditioners and contains Qunioa protein, for strong and healthy hair as well as botanicals and aroma-therapeutic oils for fragrance.

We were given a generous goodie bag containing some products, which I will be trying and reviewing soon.

All in all it was a great event, Andrew was so friendly and gave us some fantastic advice and styling tips and all the other bloggers were lovely as well.

Thanks again to Andrew and the PR team for a fantastic event!


  1. That certainly explains why my highlights are still bright blonde 9 months later, horrible conditioned hair.

    That fishtail plait is beautiful.

  2. yey! i wish I could actually do that to my own hair... I never wanted to take it out everrrr! xxx

  3. wow sounds like a great day! glad you had fun and some great tips that i will be sure to follow! x

  4. Wow how gorgeous is the fish tail plait! Love it. I love Andrew Collinge products x

  5. Fleur's hair is gorgeous! I won a prize the other day of £100 worth of Andrew Collinge products so I cant wait to get them and try them out! xx

  6. a friend of mine had made the same model to my hair once but i could't learn the name.since then i was trying to describe it and learn the name but failed.well until today:)i know the name in english(my native language is turkish) but better than nothing.thanks:)

  7. that sounds like such a fun event! I sometimes do braids like that, it takes more time than doing a normal one but it looks so cool ^^

    please, if you like come enter my little giveaway here:

  8. wow you lucky duck! i'm crap with hair. have no clue what to do with it!

  9. Great tips =D thanx for sharing. I lovee that girl's hair so prettyy =) xx

  10. Rosie- At least it saves you repeated trips to the hairdressers for highlights x

    Fleur- I can imagine, it was a beautiful hairstyle x

    Onna- Thanks lovely, hope they were useful x

    CharStarFashionBeautyBlogger- I'm fast becoming a fan of his haircare as well, it smells so nice! x

  11. Mybutterfly63- Wow, enjoy the products! x

    seyma- That's good, I hope you figure it out in Turkish as well x

    Charlie- It was a great evening, very impressed that you can do such a beautiful plait x

    Missy M- I'm not much better, but Andrew certainly gave me a few tips. I'll definitely be doing some backcombing next time I go out x

    xWHLo- No worries, I hope you found it useful. Fleur's hairstyle was so nice! x

  12. thanks for sharing the tips with us! ( :
    too bad im in the US and cant try the hair products out.

  13. hannahh♥s- Aw that's a shame, I hope the tips are useful though x


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