The L'oreal renewal lash serum challenge

I would love to have thick long lashes but unfortunately mine are short, straight and fine. Although there are products out there like LiLiash, I refuse to pay that much in the hope of getting better eyelashes.
When this L'oreal serum was first released I dismissed it as another gimmick, but the positive reviews have convinced me to give it a go. L'oreal are quite vague about what it does, but I've read quite a few reviews from people saying its helped to give them longer and thicker lashes.

(my eyelashes at the moment)

I'll be applying this every night for the next few months so hopefully by the summer I'll have long thick lashes. Either way I'll let you girls know how I get on with it, so keep an eye out for my review if you're interested :)

Have you tried this or any other lash growth products?


  1. I've been using this since December and I've actually seen a noticeable difference! I usually have no eyelashes :p but since I've used it, my eyelashes are a bit longer and darker :) Hope it gives you good results too hun XO

  2. OO I'm doing a similar challenge but i'm using it on my eyebrows!!xxxxxxxx

  3. michelle- That's brilliant! Have you got any application tips? I hope it works just as well for me x

    Jennifer Rosellen- Good luck! Let me know how you get on with it x

  4. I'll be really interested to see how this goes for you as I've been in two minds about whether to get this. Good Luck!


  5. May- Thank you. I'll definitely be posted any results on my blog x

  6. Looking forward to see how you get on with this. I'm doing a similar thing on my blog with the Cargo Lash Activator 30 day thing. Nearly at the end of it now so will be posting the results soon! :)


  7. I'd love to see how you get on with this product. There are so many out there that don't live up to what they say! Good luck! xx

  8. Natalie- Will be interesting to see how the Cargo Lash activator worked out for you. Looking forward to your post x

    Olivia- Tell me about it, they're all generally quite expensive as well. Thanks lovely x

  9. i tried a lash growth products! urg i forgot the name.. but then im soo lazy to put in my lashes everynight XD

    hope ur lashes longer and thicker after use that :)

  10. Ohhh I would love to know how you get on with it! I just wear falsies as my quick fix, was tempted to buy cargo lash activator but at £19 Im not to sure! xx

  11. ipehishere- Lol, thanks lovely x

    Alice Louise- I'll keep my blog updated with how I get on with it x

  12. Also... I nominated you for an award on my blog :) Hope you haven't already done it! xx

  13. I've been using this for about a month but can't say I've noticed any dramatic change yet! I'll probably give it 3 months before pass any judgement. I took photos before I started using it, I keep forgetting to take updated photos though!

    Looking forward to see how you get on with it :)

  14. I'm actually going for a natural mix: coconut oil, castor oil and sweet almond oil. So far so good. We'll see in like 6-8 weeks.
    Let's see how you do with this product.


  15. i'm trying this one out at the moment too!

  16. I'm doing a similar test with the Mavala version, so I'll definitely be interested to hear how yours goes! x

  17. Olivia- Thank you lovely x

    elephantJuice- That's disappointing, hopefully it'll start working soon x

    Ms Purple Make-up in black and white- Good luck with your experiment! Let me know how you get on with it x

    AH- Fingers crossed it works for both of us x

    missy_ellie_uk - Ooh let me know how you get on with Mavala, I'll post any changes with the L'oreal on my blog x

  18. I really want to try this out :)

    Sher x

  19. Sherrie- I'll be posting my review of this soon x


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