Emma Hardie professional cleansing system

Moringa cleansing balm
First thing to mention is how amazing this balm smells. With extracts of grape seed oil, sweet almond oil, bergamont, jasmine and orange, it makes make up removal a truely enjoyable process.

Texture wise, it's a really interesting product. It's called a balm, but you're supposed to mix it in with some warm water just before application. This then turns it into more of a milky texture. The balm/milk rinses off mostly with water and any last residues are easily removed with a face cloth.

The cleanser can be used around the eye area, but for heavy eye make up, I'd recommend removing it first. As for the rest of my make up, it was easily removed with this cleanser and over time my pores have become smoother and less noticable.

Rosehip exfoliating seeds and Duo action cleansing cloth

To exfoliate the skin, there is a small jar of rosehip seeds. The seeds remind me of small sand granules and are quite 'scrubby' on the skin. It left my skin super smooth but I wouldn't recommend using it more than once a week.

The kit also come with a double sided face cloth- flannel on one side and a muslin on the other. Both felt gentle on the skin, and helped to remove any last traces of cleanser.

At £42 there's no denying this is a luxury product. Although the seeds and the face cloth were a nice addition, I didn't feel they were absoutely essential. However I loved the cleanser and will definitely be repurchasing once my tub runs out.

Disclosure- PR sample


  1. Great post, I loveee your blog! If you're interested, check our my blog swap when you get the chance? xxx

  2. New stalker! Ok old stalker but I have my own blog now and would love it if you could take a looksee and follow if you like: http://resplendentlyla.blogspot.com/

    ps. I know Ling (and found your blog through hers) and weirdly enough, I know your bf =O =O =O *freak out*! xD

  3. I have this and need to post on it- agree with it smelling great :) xx

  4. thanks for this review been hearing about her will give her range a try, great bloggers get freebies

  5. It sounds exactly like how you would use an oil cleanser. Interesting. I always use oil cleansers when I have more make-up on or waterproof mascara. Only thing that does the job quickly without pulling out my eyelashes! Does sound expensive though! Eek.

  6. Sophie - Thank you x

    Rinny - It's a small world! Welcome to the world of blogging :) x

    Computergirl - Looking forward to reading your review x

    beano54 - Hope you'll like it x

    Bee - It is on the expensive side, but given the ingredients and the results, it is definitely worth it. I really need to try an oil cleanser! x

  7. I really do recommend Shu Uemura. I use one by Lelan Vital. It's half the price of Shu. It's a Korean brand that you can only buy specially from a company if you are a member or know a member. I like Lelan Vital. :) Oh, was wondering, without sounding creepy(!), do you ever meet up with fellow bloggers? Since you're in London!

  8. Bee- Thanks, I've heard so many good things about the Shu Uemura one. I tend to meet up with fellow bloggers at events but every so often there's an organised meet up :) x

  9. It´s the firts time than I see this products look cool!!

    Sakuranko Blog
    My Facebook Page Fan

    God Bless you!!

  10. Sounds pretty nice, Great post xx

  11. Just started following your blog and love it :)
    I love the title of your blog and everything
    I will have to go and check out thesee products!

    - Sydney xo

  12. Sakuranko- Glad you like it x

    Misseblog - Thank you x

    Sydney H.- Thanks, I hope you'll like it x


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