Wishes for the Fairy hobmother

The fairy hobmother from Appliances Online has been doing the rounds recently, and last week I was lucky enough to be paid a visit after leaving a comment on Charlies blog.

I wished for a spa day to destress or an electric heater for my room and she was kind enough to gift me with this one which will keep me nice and warm come winter time.

Now the fairy hobmother is looking to share some more happiness, so if you'd also like to be paid a visit, then leave me a comment below with your wish.

I can't guarantee she'll visit, but she's been very generous recently and you never know, it might just be your lucky day!

Happy wishing!

Ps. Do let me know if she pays you a vist :)


  1. Inspired by a wish someone else left for the Fairyhobmother I'd like to wish for a Filofax to keep organised! (I need all the help I can get!) xxx

  2. I leave this wish for the Fairyhobmother on every blog that has this post, but my wish has got to be a new dishwasher for my mum, bless her she is sick to the teeth of washing dishes !!

  3. What a kind idea - I love companies who do such thoughtful things like this.

    If a fairy granted me a wish it would be to replace our broken washing machine! Washing your smalls at your mother in laws house is not a good look!


  4. Lucky you! Congratulations on getting your wish granted! =) I would really like to wish for a nice coffee machine to help see me through those dreaded early morning shifts! xx

  5. I'd love a freeview box as I dont have one an the switch over is next month :/ It's another expense.

    computergirl2007blog (at) yahoo (dot) co (dot) uk

  6. I've seen a few of these posts now, it's lovely there are still kind hearted people out there nowadays!

    My car's just decided to break down and with a leaky radiator and cracked windscreen it's looking quite pricey so if I was to wish for anything it would be amazon vouchers as it's my boyfriends birthday in a few weeks and currently all he's getting is a pack of haribo. haha.


  7. My wish to the Fairy Hobmother would be for a new camera for my trip to New York in September <3 x

  8. Aww, lucky you!

    I keep on wishing on these posts, hopefully one day I shall have my wish granted.

    My wish is for a small little video camera, just for you tube videos. Or some new make up. It's been ages since I have got anything new, and I am having shopping withdrawal symptoms!


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  10. Lucky you :)

    I would love to have a visit,this is my 4th wish and I will stick to my first wishes of a do-nut maker :)


  11. I hope my wish will be granted I would love a breadmaker to make some yummy fresh bread with please....thankyou xx



  12. I would love a DSLR camera, they take such amazing pictures! But as this is so expensive, I would wish for either a bread maker to make some lovely fresh bread (I adore baking) or some amazon vouchers to share with my family! xxx

  13. This is my second wish on a blog and I'm still redundant and still need a netbook to try and get my stuff sorted without having to share a computer with the rest of my family. *Louisa squeezes her eyes shut and wishes really really hard!* xx

  14. I've just started a part-time job after 5 years of uni, and the £75 a week I'm earning doesn't even cover rent and bills, never mind car insurance! I'd love a little something to spend on myself without my boyfriend getting stroppy!

  15. How lovely! I'm really in need of a cooling mat for my laptop - it keep cutting out on me when it gets overheated from all the blogging!

    Kat x

  16. I'm realllly wishing for a DAB radio so I can listen to some classical music cause it helps my chronic headaches when nothing else will! I'm starting to not trust the doctors so maybe you'll get me to trust and believe in magic ;)

  17. Aww congrats on getting your wish granted!

    Hm.. I wish for a little laptop I can take around with me, so I can constantly note down ideas and blog on the go :) or even a DSLR camera to snap beautiful pics with ^_^


  18. Awww This is so amazing!! Congrats on getting your wish granted.

    I go into Hospital on Saturday to have a knee operation :( I have never had surgery before and i hate hospitals so i am super duper scared.

    I would love something to keep me entertained throughout my stay as i am not allowed too many visitors.

    It is also my birthday the day after my operation which really sucks as i wont be able to celebrate with my family and friends..instead be stuck in a hospital ward :(

    I have and iPhone however you are not allowed phones in the ward so something similar to keep me from awful boredom would be amazing and make my stay is hospital so much better.

    Thank-you Fairy Hobmother XxX

  19. Fairy Hobmother has been so generous! I really want a black Longchamp Le Pliage for starting my postgraduate degree - I'm sick of buying cheap ones after cheap ones that break after a while! :(

  20. Ah atleas you'll be snuggly for winter!I think i'd simply ask for the chance to get some new books to read as I have a small collection left and I want to get into reading again as I will have to do bus journeys a lot in the winter and i dont want to just sit on a cold bus looking out the winter. So something to read would love loverly!

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  22. *Sorry, deleted the above. Forgot to put a link to my blog. :)

    This is such a wonderful idea!

    I'm about to begin a career in teaching and I've been wanting a small HD pocket video camera for a while to film things to teach in class and also of school events for parents and so on. Plus, I really want to start making short videos of my holidays. I love seeing other people's on their blogs.


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  24. I'd love some American candy, it's been a while since I've had any chocolate.

  25. i wish for a new watch, as my guess watch was stolen!

  26. I wish for a pair of heels! I've seen some gorgeous ones from Newlook. I'm starting Uni next month and don't have any suitable shoes for nights out!

  27. lucky you!! My wish is to get a new camera to take lovely blog pictures, i love the canon eos 12000.


  28. Fairy hobmother is so generous ! My wish would be a skin for my laptop, it looks dull and grey and I want to make it more enjoyable to look at !

  29. I've been seeing the good she's doing every where! Bless the Fairy Hobmother! My wish is for a case for my new camera (Nikon Coolpix S2500) or a Freeview box as we can't afford one & are due to switch over very soon :(

    Lois xx

  30. Wow! This is amazing!!! Yous deserve it :)
    My wish would be for a washing machine :) Mine has broke and we are just about to move house :( i have to wash our and the kids clothes in the shower! How lovely! It is amazing how much clothes a toddler and a baby go through in a couple days too! Good luck to the next lucky person :) xox
    My blog: http://tinkstales-tinkerbelldani.blogspot.com/

  31. That's so sweet that you got your wish granted :) I'm moving flat next week so my wish would be for a nice duvet cover and cushions as it's the first time I'll have ever had my own double bed! x

  32. Congratulations on having your wish granted Fei :)

    My wish would be to become a super savvy road smart driver, so a Sat Nav or some vouchers towards one would be very handy. Good luck everyone!

    Kim xx

  33. If I could have a wish granted it would be some vouchers so I can buy some DVD boxsets I've been after as TV is so rubbish at the moment x

  34. If i could have a wish granted it would be clothes vouchers! I've grown out of most of mine and am dying for a brand new fashionable wardrobe! :$ xxx

  35. Glad you got your wish granted!
    I would really love a Blackberry. I have a rubbish old school style phone at the moment (after my iPhone broke) and I can't afford a replacement, being a student and all! Thank you! x

  36. Amazing! I keep hearing about the Fairy Hobmother!

    I would love to wish for a Canon G12 camera so I can take better pics for my blog. With London Fashion Week beckoning am afraid my current snapshot camera will not do!

    I've been trying to save for one for a while now & every time I get near it has to be spent on something essentially boring like car insurance :P

    Thank You!

  37. Love this idea, glad to hear you were paid a visit!

    I'm wishing for a new work bag, I'm in "back to school" mode at the moment and overhauling my work wardrobe in an attempt to look a bit more professional and business-like :)

    Ellie x

  38. Nice of the company to do this, well I would wish for a new washing machine because mine is so old and clunckly that it likes to dance the polka along the floor everytime we put it on. ;-)


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