First look at the new Liz Earle sheer skin tint

This September, skincare brand Liz Earle will be taking its first step into colour cosmetics with the lauch of a much anticipated tinted moisturiser.

There'll be 3 shades to choose from and they all contain mineral SPF15 along with a limited range of botanical ingredients (vitamin E, avocado and borage).

Not wanting to go down the route of traditional black packaging, the team decided put the product into deep blue tubes. The inspiration for this actually struck whilst out at sea, and the shade has now been trademarked as 'Liz Earle marine blue'.

Texture wise it's thick but blendable, and although marketed as a tinted moisturiser, it is very pigmented and gives as much coverage as a light foundation. Personally I find it too thick to use by itself in the summer. Instead I've been mixing it with a moisturiser (for reference shade 2 is the best match for my NC25 skintone). The skin tint helps to add some coverage and together they give a nice radiant finish to the skin.

If like me, you hate choosing shades online, then you'll be glad to hear that Liz Earle has come up with a solution. When you order the skin tint, they'll also send you 3 sample satchets. That way you can try them all and if you find another shade suits you better, simply return the unopened tube and they'll exchange it for another colour.

Liz Earle skin tint will be available from 15th September, and will be priced at £21 for 40ml. Click here to sign up for more information from the official website.

Do you tend to switch to a tinted moisturiser during the summer month? What's your favourite base at the moment?


  1. I'm so excited about this! Torn between whether to wait for this Liz Earle or get the Garnier BB cream xxx

  2. Daisy - Hmmm maybe you could get the Garnier now, then try the Liz Earle when that finishes? It won't be out for another month or so so you'll have some time to use up the Garnier x

  3. I'm soooo excited for this! I used to stick to lighter foundations, but now that I am in a humid climate I seem to be wanting a thicker foundation to help the oil absorption! That being said, I still want to try this, I really like the brand :)

  4. Yu - I wouldn't say it's particularly good at oil control but it does last well throughout the day x

  5. I'm excited about this! & it's hard to find a tinted moisturiser that isn't chalked full of nasty chemicals. I wish Liz Earle was more popular in the states! xx

  6. mary♥cate- Is it easy to get hold of in the States? There's also a brand called Madara which does a nice sheer tinted moisturiser x

  7. To be honest i hardly wear foundation in the summer! But the colour range is a bit iffy :/ Darker skinned women wont be able to one of these; I think i would fit probably the darkest shade. I like the packaging though, rather sleek (:

    By the way you have an award waiting for you!

    Hope your well (: xx

  8. Sheniz.. - Thanks for the blog award. I agree, these 3 shades won't be suitable for everyone. I think Liz Earle said 90% of skintones are covered and there may be more colours in the future x


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