Sleek make up pout paints

Similar to OCC lip tars, these Sleek pout paints are seriously pigmented and longlasting.

There are 11 shades in the range and I was sent Pin up, Peachy keen, Peek-a-bloo and Cloud to try out.

When I first saw the blue and white shades, I did wonder who would use them. However it turns out they were designed to be mixed in with other shades, to create your own custom colour. Blue helps to warm up a shade, whilst white helps to add some cool tones.

Having played around with the colours, my favourite combination has to be a mixture of Pin up and Cloud. Together they give a gorgeous pinky red colour, which looks great as a statement lip on a night out.

A little bit goes a long way with these pout paints, and I usually apply them over some Carmex to keep my lips nice and hydrated.

During the day, I do find them too strong to wear by themselves, but they can also be mixed in with some lip balm or vaseline to create a sheer wash of colour.

Have you tried any of the new pout paints? What's your favourite colour combination?


  1. Pin up and Cloud look gorgeous on you! Think I would go for Peachy Keen, so tempted to get them now haha xx

  2. Mybutterfly63 - Thank you. It took me a while to get used to the pigmentation, but now I love it. Peachy keen's lovely too x

  3. Jamilla Camel - Thank you, I had so much fun creating new shades x

  4. Love the shade you mixed! :)
    I got some in the post today and can't wait to play around with them, will need to get some vaseline to add to it too :D xxx

  5. Vanity-Fashionista - Thanks :) Having fun playing around with your pout paints. Can't see what shades you'll mix up x

  6. thats such a lovely colour you mixed!

  7. these look even better swatched, i saw them not long ago in a magazine and i saw that if you mixed the colous you got a unique shade, which i think is a great idea, the colour looks fab on your lips hun :)

  8. These look great, I love the idea of mixing them to create your own shades. x

  9. Charlotte Elizabeth - Thank you. Although there are some really nice collections in the collection, the best thing about them is mixing it up to create custom shades x

    LilyLipstick - It's great isn't it. Glad you like the colours x

  10. Oh my gosh, the color you mixed together looks gorgeous! I'd love to try these out - you could wear a custom lip color every day <3 :)

  11. Summer - Thank you. I'm sure with all 11 shades, the options are endless! x


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