Fake tanning using He-Shi

I've been quite lazy with fake tanning this year because its been such a cold winter, but with the weather warming up I thought it was about time I did something about my pale legs. I was given these He-shi products to try out:

Exfoliating body wash

This contains AHA's and scrub particles to exfoliate and prepare the skin for fake tanning. It has a nice strawberry scent and the beads were scrubby without being harsh on the skin.

The beads were quite long lasting as well so I was able to take my time and really massage it into the skin. It rinsed off easily and left my skin feeling surprisingly moisturized without leaving a film over the skin.

Express liquid tan
This is a tinted liquid which will get messy if applied with hands but works really well with the mitt. Its a dark brown colour but once applied gave a naturally bronzed tint to my skin. Whilst applying I couldn't smell anything but afterwards there was a definite faint biscuity smell. After showering I was left with a subtle tanned look to my legs. At the moment one layer is enough but during the summer I'll probably apply 2 coats for a more bronzed look.

(Left- after tanning, Right- after washing with soap)

Tanning mitt

I love this mitt! It has a foam like texture with a waterproof barrier on the inside so you don't get any fake tan on the hands and it made the application so quick and easy. It is machine washable but I was worried about the fake tan staining my clothes so I gave it a quick handwash and as you can see it came out looking almost new.

Although I love the bronzed look, I find fake tanning quite a hassle (especially as I often end up streaky), however these products did help to make it quicker and easier. The exfoliator doubles up as a body wash and you don't need to moisturize before applying the fake tan. And most importantly it gave me streak free natural looking tanned legs!

Have you tried any He-Shi products? What are your favourite fake tans?


  1. This sounds fab, will have to check it out xx

  2. Sadie- I'd definitely recommend the liquid tan and the tanning mitt, it made fake tanning so easy x

  3. Fake tans always make me nervous, but I'd love to find a good one!

  4. Out of the tanning products I've tried, this is one of the easiest and quickest ones, and using a mitt will help to prevent streaks. St Moriz is meant to be good as well, although I've not used it myself x

  5. I don't need to fake tan. But I feel a little jealous that everyone else gets to be so self indulgent for a few hours to get a bronzed look. I sometimes feel too dark after sunning. I only want to glow!

  6. Sanny- You're lucky that you tan so easily. I always wear jeans so my legs are super pale come summer time. Try using a radiance lotion or mix in some highligher with your body lotion x


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