Using eyeshadow as eyeliner

For years I thought eyeliner would make my already small eyes smaller but in the last year or so I've been commpletely converted and now I always line them if I have the time.

I did try pencil eyeliners for the lower lashline but it never looked right so my products of choice are the ELF eyeliner brush and the black eyeshadow from the Drama quad.

I simply dab the eyeliner brush in the black eyeshadow, then line it up with my lower lashline, with the tip of the brush just under the lashes. As you can see from the photo the brush is slightly thicker on one side and I place it so that the thicker end is to the outside of my eyes. I start at the outer corner then work my way in, dabbing as I go along.

The brush picks up enough pigment to do the entire lash line, but the effect is quite subtle so for nights out I normally go back and do it a second time.

One layer of eyeshadow on the bottom lashline, I've also
lined my upper lashline with Maybelline line definer so you can
see the overall effect.

I love that its so easy to do and it really seems to define and open up my eyes, giving a much needed appearance of bigger eyes.

The brush and the eyeshadow quad are only £1.50 each, and I would definitely recommend them, especially if you struggle with pencil eyeliners.

What are your top make up tips for bigger eyes?


  1. It looks really good, i must try eyeshadow as an eyeliner. How long does it last for? x

  2. Fudgesmoothiesmakeup- I find it lasts really well, I've worn it both during the day and for clubbing and I've never had to do touch ups. It actually lasts better than mascara since it doesn't smudge at all x

  3. I can't wait to try eyeshadow as an eyeliner,
    I've got pretty small eyes so i generally avoid a lot of eyeliners but it looks gorgeous on you :)

  4. I've used eyeshadow for eyeliner a few times and it just never worked for me which is a shame.

  5. I ALWAYS use eyeshadow as eyeliner! I find it is a lot less harsh because eyeliner can make my eyes look both scary and piggy-like! I think you can mix colours a lot more easily too and it makes my eyes look SO much bigger :) Maria xxxx

  6. Hello sweets!

    Have given you a blog award.. take a look at my post!

    Love Tx

  7. I think I'm going to pick up this brush, looks so good & so cheap! xo

  8. ..R May A..- Definitely try it, I have small eyes but I actually prefer them lined. I think it makes them look bigger but even if it doesn't it at least draws more attention to the eyes so they stand out more x

    Rosie- That's a shame, guess diff things work for diff people x

    Danni and Maria- It certainly gives a softer look. I'll have to try mixing colours next time, thanks for the tip x

  9. Terri- Thanks lovely x

    jennie- Would definitely recommend it, ELF do free delivery every few weeks so might be worth waiting till then x

  10. loving the blog! and your cosmetic tips :)


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