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Despite happily paying for high end make up I can rarely bring myself to splash out on a make up brush. However over the last year I've become a lot more interested in make up and my current brushes are no longer good enough for the application I want, in fact its gotten to the point where I've not really been using my collection of make up because I'm so fed up with my useless brushes.

I've been looking at various brands (including Gosh, No 7 and Sigma) to see what they have to offer, I like the look of Sigma brushes but am put off by the high shipping charges, so have narrowed it down to these 2 brands:

Elf studio
This is the cheapest out of the 2 and there have been a lot positive reviews. The general consensus seems to be that this is a decent quality, affordable range of super soft brushes.


I already own a few brushes from MAC including the 187 brush, which I absoutely love, and I've been really impressed with the other brushes I've tried. However priced at around £20 each they're not cheap!

I would love to get all my brushes from MAC, however because I'm planning on replacing so many of my brushes, I've decided to try some cheaper ELF ones first, and maybe slowly replace them with MAC ones if necessary. Currently on my wishlist are:

ELF powder brush

ELF complexion brush

ELF blush brush

ELF contour brush

Saying that, I am really tempted to splash out on the MAC 116 blush brush:

When I tried it in store it made such a difference to how my blusher looked, and as I wear blusher everyday it would certainly get a lot of use. Carnaby St do a 20% off evening every so often and the next time they run this promotion I'll definitely be queuing up for this brush.

Do you own any of these brushes? What are your favourite make up brushes?


  1. The ELF powder brush is fantastic, I have about four of them except they're all at uni :(

    I've never heard of these 20% off evenings, I must go to one!!

  2. The ELF Studio brushes are sooo good I like the eyeshadow c brush so much I bought another one the complexion brush is great too :)

  3. Rosie- Thanks, I figured at £3.50 each, it won't be the end of the world if I don't like them.

    There's normally one around May and most shops offer 20% off. You can get 20% off at Benefit and various beauty shops as well. If you sign up to their newsletter they'll let you know when the next one is x

  4. Louise- Thanks for the recommendations, looking at the website I would be happy to own all of them! x

  5. I totally recommend the ELF Studio Line brushes, I have all of those except the complexion brush and love them. Really good quality.
    The contour brush is a lovely little brush and dense perfect for detail on the outer corner of the eye and on the bottom lash line.
    The powder brush is another dense brush and i use it to apply my blusher and is perfect!
    The blusher brush is more loosely packed and great for powder :)
    You should check out ELF's facebook page as they do lots of promotions ^^
    I agree that if you wear to get the sigma brush set the shipping would cost a lot and plus the potential custom fees! but i do own one, the ss197 and I absolutely love it to apply foundation with, it creates such a lovely airbrush finish. My fav foundation brush! :D
    Hope this helps :D x

  6. Sorry to hear that you are putting Sigma Brushes off. How high is the shipping cost to oversea? I really enjoy using the Sigma Brushes and highly recommended and it's a lot cheaper to afford than MAC brushes. Unfortunately I can't give you any insight on E.L.F brushes because I never tried them, but heard a lot of good reviews from some youtubers. Good luck and hope you'll get those brushes on your wishlist.

  7. vanity-fashionista- Thanks so much for the recommendations and reviews. Would you not recommend the blusher brush then? My current one is quite loosely packed and fluffy and its rubbish. Eek didn't even think of custom charges, think I'll be waiting until I visit the US to buy Sigma brushes x

    Peonyinlove- Just had a look on the website and its not as high as I thought, 14 dollars for a kit. I must have looked at one of their supplier's websites, coz I remembered it being around 30 dollars. Hmm really tempted now! x

  8. I really like the ELF brushes, even the cheap line is really good quality. I'm the same as you regarding the Sigma brushes. The shipping isn't too bad but add customs charges onto that and it's just rubbish.

    Definitely check out Crown Brushes and/or Coastal Scents...some of my favourite brushes are from Coastal Scents.

  9. oh sorry! Wrong brush, that review was for the complexion brush and the brush i don't have is the blusher brush opps :S
    But the complexion brush is create for contouring too, it's more flat than round so say for contouring it's great to get into the corners your nose or under you cheekbones. All ELF studio brushes are worth it I think :)
    Sorry again for the mix up! x

  10. Allie Bunni- I must have looked at some other website, coz shipping was a lot more than on the official website, but you're right about customs.

    Thanks for the recommendation, are they readily available in the UK? x

  11. I love love love the ELF powder blush! I have to buy another one because it's so multi-tasking =)

  12. Vanity-fashionista- Thanks for clarifying. I think I'll pass on the blush brush and get the MAC ones instead, but all the others sound great! x

    Ana Rita- Thanks, sounds like its a must have brush x

  13. i don't own any makeup brushes however i want to try the GOSH eye shadow brush as it is half price in superdrug at the moment (:,X

  14. Holly- The gosh range is meant to be quite good. Is that part of the Easter promotion? x

  15. I know MAC are expensive but they are definitely worth it! If you look after them they'll last you years!

  16. @*peonies and lilies*, yes i think so (:, i'd better get down to superdrug before the offer goes!,X

  17. I love Virgin Vie brushes, especially for eye makeup, and GOSH have some great cheap brushes.

  18. If you want to try Sigma without buying the full set, is selling some of them separately.

    Crown Brushes are UK based and have a website. Coastal Scents is US based sold solely online but the shipping is so reasonable, calculated by weight but no more than you'd generally pay to ship stuff locally.

  19. My favourite brush in the whole world is the ELF powder one! I wish they came in smaller versions so I could fit it into my bag

  20. Laura- Thanks, thats what I'm telling myself to justify the 116 x

    Holly- I thought it ended today? I could be wrong though x

    Lleyow Baguette- Thanks, will definitely have a look x

    Allie Bunni- Thanks thats really useful, coz I don't need all the brushes in the sets. Will have a look at crown brushes as well x

    Une tasse- Thanks, its been the most recommended brush so far! x

  21. e.l.f. studio is totally a bargin, i have their powder brush, and it was lovely. i think studio line is better for the bigger size brushes, as the £1.5 eyeshadow brush is also good.
    i was having the same problem with sigma brushes, still tempted to get them, but USE$14 is bit too much.. sigh...

  22. Kyanvi- Thanks, have had so many positive comments about ELF studio brushes, am going to order some next time they do free delivery. Us UK girls should do one big order of Sigma then postage costs wouldn't be an issue! x

  23. Definitely get the ELF studio brushes, in all honesty, I find them so much better than the MAC, it's not even funny! ;)

  24. @*peonies and lilies*, i went to superdrug today and yes it ended yesterday, gutted! (:,X

  25. I've just noticed that is selling single Sigma brushes, might be a bit cheaper/quicker than ordering from the US!

  26. I love my sigma brushes and although shipping is a little high they always come quickly and wrapped beautiful, but like Laura says take a look at! I only own one MAC brush (217) but I definitely agree that they are so expsensive! I love the ELF powder brush. I also have the blush brush but haven't really used it but from what I did I liked it! I need to dig it out when I get home! They are definitely good value. xx

  27. Get Lippy- Thanks, this post has definitely convinced me to order some, just waiting for a free delivery code now x

    Holly- That's annoying, hopefully Gosh will be on promotion again soon x

    Laura- Thanks so much x

    Pyxiee- Thanks, will definitely take a look at the website. The ELF powder brush has had so many positive reviews, I'm expecting great things from it! Am still undecided about the blush brush, I love the MAC one so not sure wether to get the ELF for contouring/back up or just get the MAC one x

  28. i have these on my list also,

    Sher x

  29. Sherrie- I'd definitely recommend buying some ELF studio brushes, they are really good quality brushes considering how much they cost x


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