Its been so nice and sunny recently and as a result I've been spending more time sitting by my window or in the back garden catching up on novels, so I thought I'd do a blogpost about some of the books I've really enjoyed reading.

Up all night- Carmen Reid
An easy to read book about Journalist Jo Randal, a newly divorced mother of two, who is currently working on a big health scandal, chasing after a politician for an exclusive interview and trying to deal with her family and a new love interes I found this really interesting and it had me intrigued right to the very end.

The dating detox- Gemma Burgess
A girly novel about Sass who after a series of disasters decides to stop dating for a while, however the gorgeous Jake then appears in her life. Will she stick to her dating detox or is Jake too nice to resist? This book had plenty of drama and humour which kept it very light and entertaining and there were plenty of contemporary references which made it easy to relate to. I was sent this book to review.

Twenties girl- Sophie Kinsella
At her great Aunt Sadie's funeral, Lara is asked by the spirit of Sadie to find her missing necklace. As she goes on the hunt for this necklace, life suddenly becomes more interesting and a deep friendship is forged between the two women. I've always enjoyed Kinsella's novels and this was no exception. I found the first few chapter slow but after that the storyline gathered pace and it gripped my attention right to the very end.

Girl Friday- Jane Green
This novel follows Kit as she settles into post divorce life with the help of her friends and new job. However all is not as it seems. Tracy appears to be hiding a big secret and Charlie's marriage may be in trouble when her husband loses his job. Will their friendship survive all the drama and who is the perfect guy for Kit? All the drama and secrets in this novel made it very interesting and intriguing, and I thoroughly enjoyed reading it.

Have you read any of these novels? Which books have you been enjoying recently?


  1. I loved Twenties Girl when I read it a while back too :)
    Right now I'm reading The Ice Cream Girls, which is so heart-warming and gripping.

  2. Ellie- Thanks for recommending, I'll have to see if I can get a copy to read x

  3. I havn't read any of those, but I do like nice girly books. At the moment though I;m reading Dear John by Nicholas Sparks which I love so far. My problem with Nicholas Sparks is when he has the main character as a male I fall a little bit in love with them haha.

  4. Is that the book that the recent movie is based on? Lol that's not a bad thing :P x

  5. I haven't read any of these, I'm going to bookmark this post so I can get a few when my exams are over :)

  6. Rosie- Good luck with your exams and I hope you'll like the books x

  7. I'm terrible at reading and I finished my first ever novel at around 17 lol!! I used to pass exams at school without reading the book! I havent read any of these but I might give them a go. I really liked reading Emma by Jane Austen. x

  8. Onna- That's quite impressive! Thanks for the recommendation, I really liked Pride and Prejudice so might give that a go x

  9. Hmm, I bought Twenties Girl the other week for my long trip to Spain and I have to admit I'm only on chapter 4ish and I've found it utterly boring so far! I usually love Sophie Kinsella and The Undomestic Godess is totally one of my faves! After reading your review, I will stick with it and see how it goes! :D x

  10. moonbeamstarlight- It definitely picks up as the story develops, so stick with it. Its slightly different to all her other ones but still a good read x

  11. Ive been reading Twenties Girls too (I have all the other Sophie Kinsella books) but I was disapponted aswell! Ive kinda given up half way through. My faves are Marian Keyes and Jill Mansell :)

  12. *Daisy Loves..- Oh no, don't give up, it does get good towards the end. I love Jill Mansell books, thanks for the reminder, will have to keep my eye out for some more of her novel x


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