My skincare routine

I had quite a few blogposts planned but I'm at home at the moment and a lot of the stuff I want to blog about is in my London flat, so I thought I'd do a post about the skincare products I'm currently using instead.

*Clinique facial soap mild* Not the best cleanser I've used but it does the job and I'm trying to finish my stash of toiletries.

*L'oreal youth code moisturizer* I got this when my skin was dry and its really helped to rehydrate and keep my skin radiant.

*Natural high eye cream*

*Bio-Oil* Love this product! I originally brought it for a scar but it does wonders for any dry patches of skin as well.

*L'oreal matte fluid protection* This is thinner than a lot of the other sunscreens and helps protect me from UV rays without giving me spots.

*Vaseline* My HG lipbalm, I always apply this for soft smooth lips.

*No 7 cleanse and care eye make up remover*

*No 7 radiance boosting hot cloth cleanser*

*Aldi nourishing night cream*

*Korres olive and rye eye cream* A lovely eye cream that moisturizes without feeling greasy.

*Bio-oil* See above.

*Vaseline*I normally use the original one but I left my big tub in London, so currently making do with the yellow one.

Click on the links to see a full review of those products. Let me know if you'd like a detailed review of any of the other products.

What are your current skincare favourites? Also are there any eye creams you'd recommend for fine lines?


  1. How is the L'Oreal matte fluid performing hun? I've got massive issues with ANY sun protection really clogging up my skin so I currently don't wear any :( I know it's bad, especially as the sun is getting stronger again, but I just can't seem to find anything that'd work for me.

  2. ooh, i'm tempted to buy the l'oreal matte fluid protection now! great post (:,X

  3. I love Bio Oil, it is my absolute saviour haha! :) x

  4. Ola- I had the same problem, but this one and Chanel UV essential are the only two that doesn't break me out. If you're really prone to spots I'd recommend the Chanel one, its expensive but it works and is a thin fluid so should be less likely to cause spots ( x

    Holly- I would definitely recommend it if you want a good high street sunscreen x

    Michelle- Its great isn't it x

  5. I've been using a No.7 toner at the moment and I'm actually really impressed. No.7 does do great skincare products!


  6. Dreams that glitter- They do have some lovely products, not sure I'd ever pay full price though, gotta love those fiver off vouchers! x

  7. I've been using the L'Oreal Matte Fluid for the past year and it's great - it feels so light on the skin. I really like the No 7 eye make-up remover too.

    I currently use a Boots Time Delay eye cream which is really moisturising but not too heavy to be worn under make-up. I'd recommend it but I'm also on the look out for another one to tackle the fine lines that I'm starting to see...


  8. LilyLipstick- The eye make up remover is great isn't it. Finding a good eye cream is so hard, hope you manage to find one that works x

  9. Peonies: thanks lovely :) I'm not that bad spot-wise, it's just sunscreens that REALLY are problematic. Currently not able to afford the Chanel one, although I have heard raves about it (your review is excellent, too!) so I will definitely check out the L'Oreal product when I'm back to London :) thank you!

  10. Ola- Yeah know what you mean, sunscreens are so clogging on the skin. Hope the L'oreal one works for you x

  11. I shall let you know how I get on! x

  12. I wish I could use Bio-Oil on my face, it broke me out a little bit though. I do love it on scars though.


    p.s. I nominated you for an award on my blog.

  13. wow great products! I actually use a few of these myself : )
    I want to try the bio-oil.

    I am a new follower yay! I look forward to reading more. Please check out my blog as well (and follow if you like it : )

  14. Jonesy- Definitely give it a go, its such a useful multipurpose product. Thanks for following x

  15. I love the hot cloth cleanser, I got mine with the £5 off voucher! It makes my skin baby soft.
    Would you mind following me back? :)

  16. New follower! ♥
    Hope you can be one too!

  17. Jade- Its a great product isn't it x

    Sofia- Thanks for following x


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