The wonders of olive oil

I first used olive oil as a teenager to moisturize my cuticles, but since then have discovered and come across a whole range of olive oil based beauty treatments:

Cuticle and nails
Simply use a cotton bud and apply a layer of oil over the cuticle and the whole nail. Leave this on for 5 mins or as long as you want, then wash off for moisturized cuticles and shiny healthy nails.

Oil cleansing method
Rub together some oil in the palm of your hands, massage into the skin, then wipe away using a cloth until all the oil is removed. I did try this for a while, and whilst my skin looked great and the massage was very relaxing, I found repeatedly rinsing it off with a cloth too time consuming, however if you have the patience its a great natural alternative to cleansers.

Body scrub
One of my favourite uses, you simply need to mix some sugar and olive oil in a pot, then rub into the skin and rinse off for super soft moisturized skin. It leaves a moisturizing film afterwards, but if you're not keen on that just use the scrub before showering so you can wash away the film.

Intensive conditioner
Before showering, massage some olive oil to the ends of your hair, then put into a shower cap and leave for as long as you wish to condition the hair. Afterwards shampoo as usual. I've yet to try this but I've heard a lot of good reviews so will definitely be giving it a go.

Apply a small amount to any area of dry skin to moisturize. You can also add some to your bath for soft and moisturized skin.

I'm sure that there are many more uses, but these are just the ones I've tried.

Are you a fan of homemade natural beauty treatments? What are your favourite beauty uses for olive oil?


  1. Olive oil seems to have a million different uses, I heard a few people say that they use this to help clean their make up brushes, apparently it helps to break down the make up and condition the brush. I haven't it myself though
    I'm definately a fan of home made beauty treatments - so much cheaper! :)

  2. those are some great tips! thanks for this, will definitely be trying some of these out x

  3. ..R May A..- Oh I remember reading about that, I think Enkore did a video tutorial too, I can see that being really effective actually, its probably good for the brushes as well. Thanks for the tip x

    Lenny- You're welcome, hope you like them x

  4. I need to use this on my hair. I could do with a conditioning treatment :) x

  5. Victoria- Your hair always looks so nice and healthy! Let me know how you get on with it x

  6. Oh I love Olive Oil! I mostly use it as a conditioning treatment. Really does work for me, I love it :).


  7. Dreams that glitter- Glad to hear it works, going to try it myself soon x

  8. Olive oil is really amazing, thanks for mentioning all the new ways of using it!!

    I tagged/gave you an award darling

  9. Using it as a lip scrub also works ^_^ ...Mix it with sugar xD. Also just putting it on the lips when they're super dry works too ^__^

  10. Obsessed makeup addict- Thanks for the award x

    Linda Phuong Tran- Thanks for the tip x

  11. I use brown sugar and a spot of lemon juice. This is an excellent body "Scrub". I use olive oil on my legs after a bath. Here's wishing you a lovely Saaturday and Sunday;-)

  12. I always hear about how great olive oil is, I'll have to give it a try.

  13. Fashion, Art and other fancies- Thanks lovely, hope you've had a good weekend too x

    Kelsey- You should, it really is a great beauty treatment, hope you like it x

  14. Thanks for the cuticle tip! I'll be trying this out. I still have a lot of olive oil to finish lol! x


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