I went shopping at Primark again...

I love reading Primark haul posts and seeing what bargains people have snapped up so I thought I'd show you my new purchases.

Pretty red floral dress (£5)
Grey floral cardi (£11)

I first saw the dress on Sophie's blog where it went straight onto my
wishlist so was really pleased when I found it in store.

Lilac sheer top (£5)
Chiffon blouse (£8)

I thought these would look really nice worn with skinny jeans.

White Paris tshirt (£2.50)
Orange California tshirt (£2.50)

These are a little on the big side, but will be perfect for lazy
days at home or teamed with jeans for a casual outfit.

Overnight bag (£6)

So pretty, and the print is almost identical to my
make up bag (I'm loving all things floral atm!)

Pretty silver necklace (£1.50)
Multi-coloured bracelet (£2)
Pearl necklace (£2)

I think its safe to say I am officially loving Primark again, they have so many nice clothes and accessories in store atm and everything is so cheap, which is perfect as the gorgeous Spring weather seems to have brought out the shopaholic in me!

Have you brought anything from Primark recently? What is your favourite high street store?


  1. great haul!! love those tshirts I always pick some of them up as they are great to wear with jeans etc Love that dress too! :)

  2. Oh dear me too, I just posted my haul! I adore everything, all so pretty and girly and Summery :D I adore that bag!

  3. Sarbeauty- Those tshirts are great, you can never have too many, especially at that price! x

  4. Jo- Ooh, will check out your haul in a min. I blame all my shoppong on the sunny weather we've been having recently :) x

  5. Wow what a haul!!! I got one of those £2.50 T's - forgot to mention it in mine haha! I agree with u tho - perfect for lounging at weekend!!!

    Check out my primark haul at http://www.beautifullyaddictedto.blogspot.com

    ~*Giddy Princess*~

  6. Those look very pretty! I love the grey cardi. I bought that sheer lilac top too, but my bf said it was too sheer so I just ended up returning it lol.

  7. Giddy Princess- They're great for casual yet stylish weekends at home aren't they x

    Princesa Livia- Haha my friend did point out the sheerness of it as well, but I figured it would be fine with a vest top underneath x

  8. Every thing looks so pretty Ill have to get to primark asap! Im obsessed with florals! Great haul I acctually love everything !!! :)


  9. Nicola- You should definitely check Primark out, they've got loads of lovely floral pieces in atm x

  10. Lovely loot there hehe! that floral cardi is adorable xo

  11. Love your shopping, especially the grey floral cardigan! :)

    I recently did an outfit post! I'm quite shy although! :P

  12. Wow, great haul! I like the tshirts - amazing for £2.50! The dress is so cute, too. I have one in the same style (actually I have two as I couldn't decide between blue or peach) and I can't wait to wear it when it gets hot :) x

  13. The grey cardi is so cute!!!
    I miss Primark LOL ...when are they going to open stores in Italy? :)

  14. Tamanna- Thanks, and I'm sure you look very stylish in your outfit post! x

    LilyLipstick- I didn't know they did one in peach as well, they'll look so nice in the sunshine with some sandals x

    Lydia- Lol I suppose it does, do you girls have any cheap clothing stores in Italy? x

  15. wow, u got some gorgeous things there lovely :)

  16. I'm loving some of the Primark shoes atm. Bought 3 pairs of flats this week!

  17. I just bought those pearls today! I was tempted to buy that chunky bracelet too! Great buys!

  18. elephantJuice- Cool, which ones did you buy? x

    Olivia- Lol I just saw on your blogpost, you brought some lovely stuff as well. You should go back and get the bracelet, its so pretty x

  19. All gorgeous but I esp love that grey floral cardie!

    By the way, I've given you a blog award- http://sheprimpsandpreens.blogspot.com


  20. Lovely haul, I love the paris and california tops x


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