Korres olive and rye anti-ageing and firming eye cream

After mentioning at a PR event that I was concerned about fine lines around my eyes, I was kindly sent this eye cream to try out.

'The Rye active extract combats skackening and firms the skin, while fighting back wrinkles. Black Wheat extract reduces effectively the under eye puffiness, while Olive replenishes time reduced epidermal lipids, building up the natural defenses of the skin'

The cream comes in a squeezy metal tube, which I liked because you could easily control how much product was dispensed and it was more hygenic.

The actual cream is on the thicker side, but it didn't feel at all greasy and it sunk in quickly without any residue. It left the eye area moisturized and helped to keep puffinesss at bay. I can be prone to milia but despite being a thick cream, I didn't have any problems with this.

I've been using this every night and sometimes in the morning as well. It was a good base for eye make up, as it kept my skin moisturized throughout the day, and helped to prevent my concealer from caking without making the eye area greasy and causing my make up to smudge.

Whilst the effect is quite subtle, the eye cream has helped to plump up the fine lines a little.

Overall I found this a good eye cream and hopefully with time it'll help to minimise my fine lines even more.

What are you favourite anti-wrinkle eye creams?


  1. Loves the look of Korres, interested to try the brand :)


  2. Dreams that glitter- Their products look so nice don't they? I was impressed with this and will definitely be trying more stuff in the future x

  3. have a blog award, my dear :D



  4. moonbeamstarlight- Thanks for the award x


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