Sneak preview: Sleek make up Autumn/winter 2011

As promised, here's a sneak preview of what Sleek make up will be releasing this Autumn/Winter:

First up are the much anticipated pout paints. Similar to OCC lip tars,
these are seriously pigmented and come in a range of 11 colours.

A new range of lipglosses. These are set to replace their
Wonderlast and High shine lipglosses.

There will also be 3 new pout polishes:Frosting, Peach perfection and Bare minimum

For the eyes, they are bringing out a new Molten metal
cream eyeshadow, this time with 2 silver colours.

Finally they will also be lauching an eyebrow kit. There will be
2 palettes -fair and dark, depending on your hair colour.

What do you think about their new releases? What's your favourite product from Sleek make up?


  1. Arghhh!!!! I cant wait!!!!xxx

  2. Maria Sparkle - Haha, some of the products will be released soon so you won't have to wait long x

  3. I can't wait for the pout paints! They look so amazing xx

  4. Can't wait for the pout polishes, they are such better value than MAC lip conditioners. Also excited for the euebrow kit, currently using and ELF one and its running out; will definantly be purchasing this!!
    Thanks for the preview!!


  5. Can´t wait, i wanna try the entire new stuff!!!!

  6. I am really liking the look of the cream eyeshadows, the colours look like they will be really good at creating a Chanel-eque metallic eye.

  7. The new pout polish shades look gorgeous. x

  8. Wow can't wait!! These look amazing!

  9. Im so excited! I found a tester of the Peach Perfection in Superdrug when I was in Belfast, they didn't have any in stock, but it was GORGEOUS - I can't wait - thanks! x

  10. Amy - I have a feeling they'll be a big seller! x

    ChellsieB - You're welcome. It'll be nice to have a eyebrow kit which you can buy on the high street. The pout polishes are gorgeous x

    Padme - Hopefully you won't have to wait too long x

  11. Sparkles- They're lovely aren't they, I much prefer it to the first one x

    LilyLipstick - They're such pretty colours, I can't wait for it to hit the stores x

  12. Nora - Hopefully they'll be in stores soon x

    Alice - Glad to hear it, it looks lovely in the pot. I can't wait for them to be available in stores x

  13. everything for lips i am excited about and keeping my eyes peeled for them popping up in my superdrug :)

  14. cotton2- They've got some lovely new colours, fingers crossed they'll be launched soon x

  15. oh great post, thank you for showing us these! I have just bought my first Sleek product yesterday, the kajal bullet eyeliner - i love it, really want to try more by the brand. I am so excited that they are bringing out something similar to lip tars, i've always wanted to try them!

  16. A Certain Vintage- You're welcome. I love the Kajal eyeliner, it's great for creating a quick and easy smokey eye. The pout paints should be out very soon and I hope you'll like them as much as the eyeliner x

  17. These looks very nice, especially the light pink lipgloss and pink blush :D xx

  18. UrbanMermaid- Do you mean the pink pout polish? Glad you like them, they've got some lovely new lip colours x


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