New additions to my jewellery collection

My earring collection has been rather lacking recently. So when I spotted these in Accessorize, I couldn't resist making a sneaky purchase, especially as they were only £5.40 with student discount!

This was a giveaway prize from the lovely Lauren and Cutie Pie jewellery. I love how simple and elegant they look, and they're perfect for everyday wear.

I've been on the lookout for a long chained necklace to accessorize a new dress, and this £3 one from Primark does the job perfectly. Plus it looks super pretty with all the mini beads and charms.

Have you brought any new jewellery recently? What's your favourite jewellery shop?


  1. those accesorize earrings are gorgeous and for £5.40 that's really good :)
    I never seem to see anything in primark but the necklace is gorgeous!! x

  2. Radiant Make Up- Thanks, I was so pleased when I saw them in Accessorize. Primark can be really hit and miss, but I find if you go in every few month, you can usually find something nice x

  3. That's from Primark? It's so nice! I bought a bag from there last week. I really wanted this satchel bag from Topshop but at £55, can't really afford it. I got a similar one from Primark for £6. Hurrah. Quality of the material is quite plastic though which is why I'm always hesitant to buy bags there. I really like the earrings. When I saw them, I was like, "OMG! They're so pretty!" Definitely simple and elegant. :D

  4. Bee - Yep the necklace is from Primark :) They do some nice bags as well, but like you, I'm not convinced with the quality. Still at that price its still worth it sometimes x

  5. such amazing earrings!!

    M hosting an international giveaway, the winner of which would get a US $40 gift voucher to shop for anything from a clothing website .Take a look might interest you. :)

  6. the necklace doesn't look like it's £3 at all! great choices dear. all pieces you chose are very lovely.

  7. I love the Accessorize earrings!! :)

    Sarah xx

  8. Wow Primark jewellery does actually look pretty good! I always skip it to be honest, but that's so nice. Accessorize is of course officially amazing :).


  9. sugar sugar- Thank you, it was one of those rare occasions when I find something really nice in Primark x

    Sarah @ Beauty Geek - They're lovely aren't they x

    Dreams That Glitter xoxo - I'm the opposite, I always make a beeline for the jewellery section in Primark. You can get some really nice pieces and its a lot easier to browse than clothes :) Accessorize is great! x


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