Illamasqua skin base foundation review and swatches

Inspired by the popular Asian BB cream, Illamsqua's latest foundation aims to give a natural buildable coverage, yet at the same time condition and soften the skin. However, unlike most BB creams, it won't whiten the skin or offer any spf protection.

(L-R: shades 03, 04 and 05)

I would describe it as a buildable medium to full coverage foundation, which looks best when applied with a make up brush. The finish is on the dewy side, so I like to set it with a tiny bit of translucent powder.

I was sent samples of shades 3-5, and although I can get away with shade 3, shade 4 is the best match for my NC25 skintone.

A litttle bit goes a long way with this foundation, and once dried, it feels weightless on the skin. It lasts well throughout the day, but if you are prone to oiliness (like myself) then blotting will be required in the afternoon.

Personally, I find the coverage too much to use as an everyday foundation, but because it has good lasting power and photographs well, its a good choice on days when I need more coverage or for a night out.

Illamasqua skin base foundation is priced at £25, and available from Selfridges.

Have you tried this new Illamsqua foundation? What are your thoughts on BB creams?


  1. You can definitely see the difference, it looks great. Hopefully I can try it out soon!
    Love reading your blog, please check mine out if you get a chance :)

  2. Bow tied beauty - Thank you, I hope you like it x

  3. Oh this is making me want to drive miles and miles to belfast to get some of this! I was wondering what it looked like on the skin all blended out, great post :)

  4. Karen- Thank you, I hope you get some to try soon x

  5. this brand isn't available in my country. :( but i would love to try it!

    i prefer foundations over bb cream. i think foundations look better on pictures and they don't feel as thick and heavy as bb creams do, but that's just my personal opinion. =)

  6. sugar sugar - I've heard a few people say that on Youtube as well. I've yet to try a BB cream so can't compare but I'm thinking of trying the Skin 79 hot pink one soon x

  7. Oh, I love BB Creams. This seems more like foundation to me... I've used the Missha Real Signature one and currently using the Skin79 Hot Pink one. I've tried the Gold version too - that was too dewy for me. The Pink version is more for oily skins so I think it'd suit you more. I've heard raves and raves of the Skin79 and I do prefer it to my Missha one. :) So I highly recommend you to try it! People have experienced breakouts with BB creams but I think that's due to not removing it properly. I use a oil-cleanser then a normal cleanser after.

  8. Bee- Thanks for the recommendation, by the sounds of it, the pink version would definitely be better for me. I'll make sure I double cleanse whenever I wear a BB cream. As for the Illamasqua skin base, I'd agree, although its inspired by BB creams, its still a foundation x

  9. Let me know when you get it! It's about £10 on eBay. :) Oh, did you know Garnier is releasing a BB cream in August? I'm so excited. I just wanna see it. Can't believe the hype has reached here.

  10. Thanks for posting this...very helpful! I'm really interested in trying this out now!

  11. Wow never heard of this brand before but you can really see the coverage that it gives, will deffo look into this :)

    Charlee x

  12. Wow, it definitely photographs well! I didn't know it was insired by BB creams, I'm hoping more "western" brands follow Illamasqua on this, it's such a shame we only have ebay to get a nice BB cream :(


  13. Bee- I will do, are you on Twitter by any chance? I remember reading about Garnier on British beauty blogger but didn't know the release date. Hopefully more companies will follow their lead! x

    Heather Does Make Up - You're welcome. I hope you like it x

    Charlee - They're available online, in Selfridges and in Carnaby St. I hope you like it x

    cbsg5861 - Same, it'll be nice to see some BB creams on the UK high street x

  14. Yes, my Twitter is: @flyingseoullo Yeah, I only know it's in August but I like Garnier. They were my first basic skincare range. :)


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