SPC bath & massage oil collection

Over the last year or so, I've become addicted to massages, so when I was given a pack of SPC oils, I couldn't wait to put them to the test.

Packaged in mini 10ml glass bottles with silver topped lids and a sleek cardboard presentation box, they look and feel as luxurious as the 5 star spa they came from.

There are 4 scents in the collection- Exhilarating, Cocooning, Pampering and Active. I'm not a big fan of the Active scent, but the others are lovely and they all have that herbal aromotherapy smell.

Like all body oils, they give the perfect amount of 'slip' for massages and leaves my skin feeling soft and nourished.

The oils can also be used as a moisturiser or to fragrance a bath, however, as they're such luxury products, I like to save mine just for massages!

Have you tried any of the products from SPC skincare? What are your favourite massage oils?


  1. Oh what a lovely brand

  2. RAW Fashion Magazine - Glad you think so too x

  3. haven't heard of this brand yet. maybe it's not available in my country. ^^
    i use the body shop's and neutrogena's massage oils before. maybe i should try lush's too! but i don't think they have oils. they have bars, don't they? :)

  4. sugar sugar - SPC skincare is available from a variety of places in the UK but I'm not sure about overseas. I had no idea Body shop did oils, will have to look into that. Lush massage bars are lovely too, although the scent does gradually disappear over time x


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