Superdrug Christmas preview

On Wednesday, I was lucky enough to attend the Superdrug Christmas in July event, where I was able get a preview of some of the gift sets they'll be bringing out in October:

Studio- Superdrug's answer to Frontcover cosmetics. I was especially
impressed with their set of eyelashes and the Pretty natural gift set.

Flutter- A pink and girly range with some really cute gift sets.

Andrea Fulerton and GOSH cosmetic gift sets


Nivea, Vaseline and Simple skincare

In the last year or so, The Perfume Shop have started popping up in Superdrug stores, and they were also there with a display of fragrances, including some which have yet to hit the shelves.

I was particularly interested in Vera Wang lovestruck with the beautiful floral bouquet bottle and Thomas Sabo charm rose, which reminds me of a nicer more wearable version of Thierry Mugler Angel.

Sleek make up were also there to showcase some new releases, but I'll be blogging more about that in a separate post.

Did any of the products catch your eye? What are you most looking forward to this Christmas?


  1. Can't believe we are talking about Christmas already! The Studio sets look intresting... I love christams and all the gorgeous gift sets that you can get :) xx

  2. Mybutterfly63 - Tell me about it! Apparently in the industry, July is the month for all things Christmas. Christmas gift sets are fab, I'm looking forward to all the perfume ones x

  3. Ooooh I saw that Vera Wang perfume in Boots, the floral design is amazing, it's so OTT but gorgeous at the same time :).


  4. Dreams That Glitter xoxo - It's definitely OTT but I love that it's so eye catching! x

  5. I love christmas gift sets, usually such good value and the chance to try out loads of different things.

  6. Discovering Beauty - They're fab aren't they, good value and usually on 3 for 2 as well x

  7. I cant believe how excited i am about christmas already! I love finding the perfect gifts for people :) thanks for the sneak peaks. I was really looking forward to seeing the vera wang perfume but im a little disappointed in the bottle. x

  8. Holly- You're welcome, only 5 more months to go! I guess it's a very statement bottle, shame you don't like it x

  9. Some of this stuff looks awesome!!!! the lashes look great!!

  10. From Broadway - Glad you think so too x


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