My first attempt at a French Manicure

I've always been a fan of the French manicure, but struggled to do it myself. However a few weeks ago, Charlotte blogged about using an old eyeliner brush to achieve neat tips, so when I was sent a Nailtiques nail polish in Vienna, it seemed the perfect time give it a try:

To start off with, I simply put a blob of Vienna nail varnish onto a plastic surface. I then used an old Sleek liquid eyeliner nib to apply some of the white nail varnish to my tips. As it was my first time, it was a little messy, so I ended up dipping the eyeliner nib into some nail varnish remover and tidied up a little. Finally I applied a coat of No 7 so strong nail varnish.

Sadly I didn't have a nude pink varnish to hand and the results aren't perfect, but for a first attempt I'm pretty pleased with how it turned out and I'll definitely be attempting more french manicures in the future.

What's your favourite nude pink nail varnish? Have you tried any of the Nailtiques nail polishes?


  1. That's great for a first attempt! I used to use the french polish look all the time but lately my nails aren't growing so much, grr.

    Fiona x

  2. Wow, well done! I would NEVER have thought to use the nailtiques colour as a french tips. It looks awesome! Well done!

    nailtiques formulas work miracles on weak nails too!

    FYI, did you know ORLY created the Original French Manicure? The ORLY french mani range is really impressive with so many tones/finishes to choose from.


  3. you did a great job! thank you for the tips too! :)

  4. These look gorgeous, I definitely don't have steady enough hands do do my own French manicure. x

  5. Fiona- Thank you. Try massaging some olive oil on your nails, it really helped with mine x

    Farrah G- Thanks lovely. I had no idea Orly created the original french manicure, but their mini range sounds fab, will take a look next time I'm out shopping x

    sugar sugar - Thank you. Hope you found them useful x

  6. LilyLipstick - Thanks lovely, give it a go with a tiny brush, it's so much easier than using the brush that comes with the polish x

  7. i love doing my own french mani! Yours looks great :) x

  8. Onna- Thanks, French manis are such a classy look for nails x

  9. Dreams That Glitter xoxo- Thanks lovely x


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