A Benetint and Carmex lip of the day

Like a lot of people, I took advantage of the Glamour Benefit freebie, and treated myself to a mini bottle of Benetint, which has since become a new make up favourite.

Not only does it give a long lasting flush of colour to the cheeks, it also doubles up as a pretty lip stain. As you can see, it's a lovely pinky red colour, and I like to add a slick of Carmex lip balm over the top, which moisturises my lips and gives it a lovely glossy finish.

On a side note, has anyone tried the new Benefit Cha Cha tint? What's did you wear on your lips today?


  1. I love Benetint :) I wore it on my cheeks yesterday :)

    Gem x

  2. It takes about 3 layers of Benetint to get colour on my lips. :( They're pretty pigmented naturally.

    Today I'm wearing some of Boots 17's Mirror Shine lipstick in Purple Haze. I LOVE this lipsticks, they're more of a solid lipgloss.

  3. Benetint and a lip balm is my go to lip combo it's quick, easy and lasts for ages :)
    & I've not tried chachacha yet but I'm tempted!! x

  4. Gem- It's fab isn't it, I love how long lasting it is x

    Catriona - It takes a few layers for me to get a strong colour as well, although I usually prefer more of a lighter tint. The mirror shine lipsticks are lovely x

    Radiant.MakeUp- I think it might be mine as well for the summer. Cha cha tint seems so nice in all the online swatches x

  5. It looks fab! I also got the benetint but it doesn't show up on me for some reason!

  6. The Nerd- Oh, that's strange. Have you tried layering it? x

  7. I love Benetint on my lips - one of my favourite products!

  8. I've been loving benetint on my lips lately too! It gives such a pretty colour, i love it! x

  9. That is exactly what I've been doing lately - I got all 3 samples haha (couldn't resist!) so I've been alternating Benetint & Posietint on my lips with Carmex :)

    Lois xx

  10. Never heard of Benetint, but I'm going to have to check it out. That's the perfect color for me.

    xo jess

  11. Benetint is lovely but a bit dry on the lips, so carmex is a great match for it

  12. Rachel- It's lovely isn't it x

    DaintyMakeup- Glad you like it too, it's such a pretty colour x

    musicndaydreams - It was such a good magazine freebie, I bet Posie tint looks lovely on the lips x

    Jess - Definitely give it a try, stains are great for th summer x

    Kat - Glad you think so too x

  13. it looks natural and pretty on your lips! :3

  14. Awh! this colour looks beautiful, I have the posietint colour and I absolutely adore it! The only down side with it is that it really stings your lips, i dont know if thats just me but I put it on really soft moisturized lips so yeah, nice post anyway! x

  15. Beautchic.- Thank you. It's a shame that posietint stings your lips, it's such a pretty pink colour x

  16. carmex is simply the best!! :) xo


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