Spa quality haircare from.......Pantene!

A few weeks ago, I was invited to the beautiful Stoke Park spa in Buckinghamshire to find out more about Pantene's smooth and sleek range.

It turns out Pantene had been carrying out blind trials and the range gave the same results as a £60 spa treatment.

(the beautiful SPC spa, I'd highly recommend if you fancy a day of indulgent pampering!)

As I've gone SLS free, I haven't tried the shampoo, but I can confirm the conditioner lives up to it's claim of leaving hair 'smooth and sleek'.

It's nice and creamy and has a light musky scent, which instantly takes me back to when I used it as a teenager. However it seems to rinse out easier and leaves my hair feeling conditioned without weighing it down.

Personally, I prefer the fresher scent of the Aqua light range, but this leaves my hair feeling so silky smooth and tangle free. Best of all, it only retails for £2.19.

Have you tried anything from the Smooth and sleek range? What's your favourite conditioner for silky smooth hair?


  1. Haha, I saw the advert for this! I personally don't use Pantene because of SLS etc, but I have always thought it smells so gorgeous!


  2. Dreams That Glitter xoxo - Can you believe I haven't seen the advert for this yet! Pantene should bring out a SLS free range with the aqua light fragrance lol x

  3. I haven't used Pantene in a long time but I definitely used it alot as a teenager too. I used to be a huge fan of the Ice Shine range. Haven't yet tried the Aqua Light but I've heard great things. I used to think Smooth & Sleek used to be too heavy on my hair unless I washed it everyday and then, on that day, my hair was great. I'm currently using Dove's Pro Age shampoo/conditioner. Love the smell and keeps my hair moisturised but with no heavy feeling. On my 3rd bottle? I like the Heat Protect range too but can be bit heavy for me sometimes.

  4. Bee - Wow you must really like the Dove pro age range, I'm always changing my haircare products! I'd definitely recommend the aqua light range, it smells amazing and rinses out really easily x


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