Elegant touch flawless french manicure kit

Another French manicure, this time using the Elegant touch french manicure kit:

The French tips came in a variety of sizes and the tabs made application nice and easy. My only advice is to not overapply the glue and keep a cotton bud nearby to wipe away any excess.

I was given the medium size to try out, which is a little too long for my nails, but it was quick and easy to trim and file them down to size.

To finish off the manicure, I applied a nude pink varnish and finally the top coat that came in the kit. I was a little disappointed that it came with a clear base coat rather than a nude pink one and I ended up buying a Bourjois nail varnish to use instead.

I wore the manicure for 5 days and although 2 started to come off on the last day, the others looked almost as good as new.

As for removal, any acetone based nail varnish remover would work. I used my usual Cutex one, and although it took some time, I was left with clean nails afterwards.

Overall, I found the product easy to use, and was impressed with how long it lasted, I just wish it included a nude pink varnish instead of the clear base coat.

Elegant touch nail kits are available from Boots and Superdrug.

Have you tried any of the nail kits from Elegant touch? Are you a fan of the French Manicure?


  1. That looks lovely! I like the french manicure look, I'm just too lazy to do it, even with a guide... It means having to apply two separate nail polishes... Too long. Haha.

  2. Bee - Thanks :) I know what you mean, it's not the quickest manicure, but have lots of time atm as I'm on holiday x


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